Frequently asked questions about: General

I have a different bank account number, do I have to provide this and how?

When changing your bank account number, it is best to report this as soon as possible in order not to have any problems with the direct debit. This keeps everything running smoothly and you do not risk the blocking of your fuel card. You can do this conveniently via an email at [email protected] or on the contact page of MAES.

Where can I find my invoices online?

To download your invoices you can always go to “My MAES”, where you can find all information. Do you no longer have your login details? Contact us via email or the contact page.

I made a double payment, how do I get my money back?

As soon as we receive the double payment, we will transfer this amount as soon as possible! So you don’t have to worry about this.

I have made a fuel card request, but I have not received a response.

Do you not receive a confirmation email after submitting an online fuel card request? Then be sure to check your SPAM folder. Sometimes the mails can end up here. You have nothing? Please contact us via email or our contact page.

I cannot log in to my MAES.

You can always request a new password via the link under your password, if you have also lost your username and / or e-mail address, it is best to contact us.

I cannot log into my MMC.

You can always request a new password via the link under your password, if you have also lost your username and / or e-mail address, it is best to contact us.

How do I download the station finder?

To put the station finder on your mobile phone so tha/nl?page_id=8967t you can quickly open the application with one click, you can go here.


Are there any vacancies at MAES?

At MAES we are always looking for new employees, on this page you can see which vacancies are open. You can also send a spontaneous application!

How can I request all data that MAES has from me?

For this you need to contact us so that we can look this up and let us know. Rest assured that we keep your information confidential and keep only the essentials for proper functioning!

What is a reservation amount when using a credit card (Visa, Mastercard, …)

After a refueling I see that 125 € has been withdrawn from my account. How come? Your card issuer makes a “reservation” when unhooking the gun. This amount is only a temporary reservation and will never be deducted from your account. This amount will disappear after a few days. You can repeat this question with another question. Eg more has been deducted from my card than I have refueled? This is probably a reservation amount.

I think I have seen signs of Skimming at one of the stations, what now?

If you think there is a case of skimming or fraud taking place at our stations, please notify us as soon as possible, so we can check this immediately. You can call 03 889 89 89, email us or leave a message on the site.

I have suffered damage at a gas station, what now?

You can always contact us with all information (damage photos, petrol stations address, date & time) and we will see what we can do for you as soon as possible.

I have suffered damage from a third party at a gas station, what now?

You can always let us know, we can check the images but can only give them to the police. You therefore have to file a complaint for this.

Which products does MAES offer?

Take a look at our offer page to see which products MAES can deliver for you!

What is the difference between regular diesel and Supremium Diesel?

Supremium Diesel from MAES has an extra additive package, developed in collaboration with Wynn’s. These additives provide even more cleaning power. The cleaner the engine, the cleaner the combustion, the result: more power and less emission.

I am looking for gas cylinders for BBQ, can I go to MAES?

You can go to MAES at the head office for all kinds of gas. Please contact us via email, contact form or call 03 889 89 89.

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