MAES Mobility Card: The card for business owners.


  • Refeuling at extremely affordable rates
  • Easy parking and pay toll
  • Take public transportation
  • Doing shared mobility, from scooter to car sharing
  • Charge your hybrid or electric car
  • Take the taxi, uber or eCab
  • Travel internationally
  • Pay a visit to the car wash
  • Pay almost anywhere where you can pay with the VISA card
  • Reclaim foreign VAT
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The MAES Mobility Card is a must-have for every manager’s wallet. It is a jack of all trades to easily centralize all expenses. Do you have to go to work a lot, do you regularly have to have lunch for your business, travel or book something? Then you immediately have the ideal solution with the Mobility Card. The MAES Mobility Card is a premium card that allows managers or their teams to refuel and charge electrically at favorable rates, both in Belgium and abroad.

Mobility card or premium fuel card? Discover the MAES Mobility Card

In the increasingly complex world of mobility management, we at MAES understand the challenges business managers face. That’s why we’re proud to introduce our premium fuel card, the MAES Mobility Card, a powerful tool specifically designed to address the needs of modern businesses and their leaders. This card goes beyond just a premium fuel card and offers a comprehensive solution for all your business expenses on the road.

The MAES Mobility Card has a solution for all your expenses once you step outside your office. Whether you need to refuel or park, you have a business lunch or you need a taxi to the airport. You can even book plane tickets and a hotel with it. It can also be a solution for one of your employees who is often on the road or has to travel for work.

Do you think this is too complex? Absolutely not, the MAES mobility card ensures that all transactions are clearly presented on a single invoice. So no more keeping receipts. In addition, management is made even easier using the handy Milo app from XXimo. This app not only provides insight into all transactions with the MAES Mobility Card, but also travel advice and current traffic information.

In short, the MAES Mobility Card is the solution for managers who strive for optimized mobility management, simplified administration and maximum flexibility. View the detailed rates here. Use a single card to manage your mobility expenses efficiently and clearly, and give your company the mobility freedom it deserves.

A premium fuel card for companies

The fact that the MAES Mobility Card is so much more than a fuel card does not mean that refueling is shifting to the background. On the contrary. Users of the card refuel always close – not only at MAES, but also at partners such as Esso and Texaco – and that at a nice discount throughout Belgium. The handy Milo app shows you at a glance how much you have already refueled this month, when your next invoice will arrive, and so on. Control your budget and the expenses per employee: check.

> Read more about the premium fuel card

Pay parking and toll with the mobility card from MAES

Parking your car can be a hassle: you have to find a place (preferably in the neighborhood), you have to estimate how long you will leave your car there, wait in line at the ticket machine, … Unless you use the mobility card of MAES! With the corresponding Milo app you immediately see where the nearest parking space is, and you can pay with the MAES Mobility Card. Paying tolls is also a piece of cake.

> Discover here how MAES always has a parking card in your pocket

Take public transport: train, tram, metro and bus

We live in a world that is constantly changing. And this includes a cocktail of mobility options, in which public transport occupies an increasingly important place. The MAES Mobility Card responds to this without increasing your administrative burden. Via the Milo app, you can buy with just a few taps train tickets from the NMBS, M-tickets or De Lijn subscriptions, but also make use of Brussels public transport. Discover how to get more out of public transport, without having to charge costs or keep receipts.

> Everything about public transport: train, tram, bus …

Shared mobility: car sharing, and much more with only one card

Shared-bikes, shared cars, shared scooters and even shared steps are on the rise. And that is not surprising, because such shared mobility options offer many advantages, from less traffic to cost savings and reduced environmental impact. With a MAES Mobility Card you also have one payment solution that you can use for Poppy, Velo Antwerp and Scooty.

> Shared mobility: everything about car sharing, cycling, scooters and scooters

Pay for electric charging at charging stations

With the MAES Mobility Card you can charge electrically throughout Europe. The Milo app shows where you will find the nearest charging stations, and you will pay for your charging session yourself with your mobility card. Again no more hassle with receipts, because all transactions for electrical charging are included on your MAES invoice.

> All details about electric driving and charging

Taxi, Uber or eCab?

Do not worry about the payment … Did you know that the MAES Mobility Card also serves as a taxi ticket? That’s handy. Because if you have to hurry to get to the airport on time or want to crash at a hotel bed at night, you can simply pay the taxi ride with the mobility card, without stressing expense reports or payment methods. International taxi services such as Uber and eCab are also included.

> You can combine the mobility card and a taxi!

Travel internationally, but easily

A lot of organization comes to mind during a business trip. Flights and hotels must be booked, rental cars reserved, and so on. The MAES Mobility Card takes a big load off your shoulders, because all your bookings and payments are made via this one card and with one account. So you have everything at hand when you arrive abroad! The MAES Mobility Card and the Milo app work together with Brussels Airlines, KLM, AirFrance, but also with the NMBS, NL and DB Bahn, car rental companies Europcar and Davis, and with

> Everything about easy international travel.

Visa card, in the form of a MAES Mobility Card

Business costs naturally include more than refueling or parking. Maybe you regularly lunch with customers or you want to buy a promotional gift. Thanks to the MAES Mobility Card you do this without having to keep receipts and have to submit expense reports. After authorization by the employer, the mobility card serves as a payment card at all places that accept Visa.

> Use your mobility card as a payment card.

Regular car washes

Make your car shine like new again? Throughout the Benelux, the Milo app helps you a hand by telling which car washes are on your route or are in your neighborhood. You can pay again with the MAES Mobility Card – at least, with every carwash that accepts Visa as a payment method. All carwash visits appear on one invoice, along with the other services that you or your employees used that month, such as refueling or tolls.

> Use a car wash when it suits you?

Tax benefit: easily recover foreign VAT

Not only domestic but also foreign tank, hotel or other costs are eligible for VAT reimbursement. And with the MAES Mobility Card, that recovery is in order in one-two-three. Thanks to the link with the VATit platforms, a VAT specialist with an extensive European network, the process is almost completely automatic. That saves you a lot of headaches, time and money.

> You can easily recover foreign VAT

Easily manage your mobility budget

To relieve the environment, more people and companies opt for sustainable means of transport such as a shared car or an electric bicycle. That is why the mobility budget was created, which should not be confused with the mobility allowance. The mobility budget is a sum that you as an employee can use to take a more efficient company car, but also to go to work with environmentally friendly mobility options – from a speedpedelec to the bus or tram. Of course you can easily manage all these options with your MAES mobility card.

Discover everything about the mobility budget here.

Please note: the mobility budget therefore differs from the mobility allowance. If you opt for the latter option, you permanently give up your company car and receive a sum of cash in exchange (the so-called “cash for car” system). We will further explain the mobility allowance here.

“Great stations, and always one around!”

MAES topservice


Hoe kan ik een extra kaart aanvragen?

You can easily do this via the online management module of the MAES Mobility Card.

Help, my MAES Mobility Card has been lost or stolen.

Have you lost your MAES Mobility Card or has it been stolen? Report this loss directly to the police and the MAES customer service. The MAES Mobility Card is then immediately blocked. It is also possible to report the loss of your card online. Log in on ‘My MAES’ and click on ‘lost’ with your data and your card is immediately blocked. The “Lost and stolen” department is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Call MAES:

+ (32) (0) 3 889 89 89
After this, a new MAES Mobility Card will be created immediately, which will be sent to you as soon as possible. The PIN code of your new MAES Mobility Card will not change.

What does a MAES Mobility Card cost?

We would like to refer you to the rates of the MAES Mobility Card.

What is the difference between a MAES fuel card and a MAES Mobility Card?

With a mobility card you can, among other things, refuel in Europe, charge electric, buy tickets for public transport, pay parking fees (underground and above ground) and more …. – Click here for more information about our rates

What are the benefits of a MMC?

With an MMC you do full cost control regarding mobility. Everything is centralized on one invoice and therefore you no longer need to keep receipts (except for restaurant receipts). Belgian VAT can easily be recovered in this way. In a second phase, a mobility card can be used to allocate budgets to employees in the context of the cafeteria plan / mobility budget and flex plan.

Can the MAES Mobility Card replace my existing MAES fuel card?

Depending on individual needs, this certainly is a possibility. Are you only looking for a fuel card with which you can refuel budget-friendly? Then the MAES fuel card is the best option. Do you need more mobility options? Then remember that you enjoy the same conditions with the MMC as with our MAES fuel card

Where can I refuel with MMC in the BENELUX and the rest of EUROPA?

In Belgium you can refuel at all our own stations with the MAES Mobility Card. You can find them here. Outside of Belgium you can refuel at stations where they accept a VISA card in the following countries: Andorra, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Denmark, Germany, Finland, France, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Iceland, Italy, Croatia, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Malta, Monaco, Netherlands, Norway, Austria, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Serbia, Slovenia, Slovakia, Spain, Czech Republic, Turkey, United Kingdom, Sweden and Switzerland.

Can I replace my OBU with the MMC?

No that is not possible. You can pay toll with the MMC in Europe but for the kilometer toll in Belgium an OBU remains necessary.

I am a “private person”. Can I also request the MMC?

The card is only intended for the holders of a VAT or company/business number.

Which VAT can I recuperate?

Only Belgian VAT can be reclaimed. With regard to parking, all VAT will be clearly stated on the invoice. For street parking there is no VAT charge, but there is for parking behind a barrier. Regarding the recuperation of VAT on restaurant expenses, you must keep the receipts as drink and food have a separate rate and therefore only can be split up on the restaurant ticket.

What about foreign VAT?

For expenses abroad you will receive an invoice with foreign VAT, which you can not settle in Belgium.

You have two options there:

  1. Reclaim the foreign VAT yourself in the country concerned via Intervat / VatRefund;
  2. Or you can have this done by our partner VAT-IT. MAES negotiated a favorable rate with them (20% of the VAT amount on a no cure no pay basis) in order to reclaim your VAT. In that case, send an e-mail to [email protected] and they will contact you.

Will my card be replaced FREE in the event of loss, theft or damage?

No. If you lose your card or it is stolen, you should block the card via CARD STOP. New cards are delivered at the applicable rates.

Can I change my PIN code or take over the code from my existing (MAES) fuel card?

You can choose your PIN yourself when requesting the MMC via a Self Service Web application. This code can and may therefore be the same as that of a MAES fuel card.

Kan ik vignetten betalen (bvb. OosteCan I pay vignettes (eg Austria, Switzerland) with the MMC?rijk , Zwitserland) met de MMC?

If the cardholder is authorized for Parking / Toll and the payments are made physically, whereby the payment at the terminal actually takes place on the code for “Toll & Bridge fees”, these Eurovignettes can indeed be purchased. However, this is not possible via the internet.

I work in Belgium, but I only have Dutch VAT / company number? Can I also apply for the Maes Mobility Card?

No, this is not possible. We refer you directly to

How do I apply for a MAES Mobility card?

You can request an MMC by sending an email to [email protected], we will then send you the application forms. Here you can find all information.

What are the steps to apply for a MAES Mobility Card

Are you interested in the MMC? Send an email to [email protected] with your info!

How fast will I receive my MAES Mobility Card

When we receive the application, we start as soon as possible. As soon as you get an account, you have to apply for the MMC yourself. After this request, the MMC is prepared and shipped, this can take up to 2 weeks.

Can my MMC be put on a license plate?

An MMC is always registered on a name and is personal. On license plate is not possible and it is also not transferable to third parties.

Can the mileage entry be switched off?

No, this is not possible. To save time, you can always enter ‘0 (zero)’ when entering the kilometers before refueling.

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