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Buying Gas oil at MAES: nothing but benefits

Anyone who warms on fuel oil – also known as gas oil – treats itself to many advantages. First you can choose yourself which supplier you want to work with. If needed you can change supplier with every order. Nevertheless, a steady partner of whom you know that you get the best quality and service at the best price is worth gold. This way you can order in full confidence and keep your heating budget under control without any problems.

Ordering Gasoil at the best price at MAES is a piece of cake. Enter you details and the required amount of gas oil on our form at the bottom of the page and send your request. Also mention whether you order regular, gasoil plus or gasoil extra. And you will receive the best offer immediately. You are completely free to accept or reject our offer. But we firmly believe that our offer is the best on the market.

If you can agree with our proposal, we will take care of everything from A to Z. Our own drivers drive with MAES vehicles from the refinery to your storage tank, so that you are assured of the highest quality service and tailor-made advice.

Does that combination of financial benefit, quality and top service sound like music to your ears? Take the test by putting your next order with us. Send your request without obligation and be surprised by our interesting offer!

Why heat on Gas oil??

Heating with gas oil

The fact that gasoil provides warmth in the home or on the shop floor, is something you know only too well. But are you also aware of the unique benefits that heating on gas oil entails? We are happy to list them for you:

·       Economical
With a modern heating oil boiler you consume about 40% less than with old heating systems.

·       Safe
Gas oil does not ignite at a normal ambient temperature (below 55 ° C) and the risk of CO poisoning is virtually non-existent

·       Independent
You manage your own energy supply and decide for yourself when and from whom you order.

Maximum efficiency with gas oil

With a efficiency of no less than 98%, the latest generation of condensing heating oil boilers gets the absolute maximum out of your gas oil supply. In addition, these condensation boilers emit about 30% less CO2. If you know that half of the Flemish households that heat gas oil still have an old heating boiler in use, then the improvement potential is pretty big!

Order the gas oil? Thats something you do at MAES

High quality fuel, competitive prices and a personal service: that’s what MAES stands for. Discover our range of products and services.

The gasoil price under scrutiny

At MAES you can be sure of the most affordable gas oil. As a supplier, we are bound by a maximum price imposed by the government, but we decide for ourselves on our margin. Wondering how this official gas oil price comes about?

·       How is the official maximum price determined?
With the official gas oil price, the government wants to protect you as a consumer. The prize includes a contribution to the Social Heating Fund and contributions to guarantee Belgian security of supply.

·       What factors influence the gas oil price?
The gasoil price depends on the price of a barrel of crude oil on the international market, and is subject to the law of supply and demand and the evolution of the dollar rate.

Legislation and premiums regarding gas oil


Those who heat on gas oil must take into account a number of legal requirements, for example in regards with the inspection of your fuel tank. Obviously, these rules are not designed to make it difficult for you, but to guarantee the quality and optimum efficiency of your heating system, so that you can sleep in ease.

Premiums and allowances

·       Social heating fund
Together with the government and the OCMWs, the petroleum sector provides people with a low income by partially intervening in the payment of their fuel oil bills. On the website of the Flemish government you can read who is eligible for a heating allowance

·      Flemish renovation premium for boiler replacement
For the installation of a high efficiency gas oil boiler – or one with a European energy label A or B – you can apply for a renovation premium in Flanders, which means that you will be reimbursed up to 30% of your invoice. You will find all information here (in dutch).

·       Flemish improvement premium
Thanks to the Flemish improvement premium (in dutch), you as owner or tenant can receive a financial allowance if you replace your existing gas oil boiler with one with European energy label A or B, or if you have your chimney optimized.

  • Premiums relating to a hybrid heating installation
    Thanks to a hybrid heating system – combining heating oil with a renewable energy source – you can enjoy free energy, whilst the gas oil acts as an energy buffer to completely exclude the supply risk of this renewable energy. You also get premiums in Flanders for solar boilers and heat pumps (in dutch).

Fuel tank: installation, maintenance and control

Installation of diesel fuel tank

Before you can have your fuel tank installed, you have to make a number of important decisions. Do you want an underground or an above-ground gas oil tank, for example? An underground gas oil tank is discrete and does not take up valuable space, but is more difficult to replace and must be checked more frequently. A new above-ground gas oil tank is easier to install, visually inspect and maintain. Moreover, you only need a one-time inspection after the placement. Whichever option you choose: always call on a professional installer who can also provide the necessary certificates.

Maintenance of your gas oil tank

Although you have little to no maintenance work on your gas oil tank itself, it is important to properly maintain your heating installation. Installations on heating oil must be serviced annually to ensure proper operation and a long life for your boiler and burner and to reduce your consumption. Maintenance includes cleaning the chimney and the boiler.

Checking the fuel tank 

On 1 March 2009, the inspection of all existing private fuel oil tanks in the Flemish Region was compulsory. Whether you need to invite another technician after that initial check depends on the size and location of your tank. This is not the case, for example, if you have an above-ground tank of less than 6,000 liters. If your tank is bigger or if it is below ground, separate regulations apply. You can always contact us when you need to check your tank.

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I want to have my fuel oil tank inspected, how do I proceed?

We no longer do fuel checks ourselves, but we can always refer you to one of our colleagues. You can always contact us for this and we will provide you with the correct information!

Can I have my fuel oil tank inspected via MAES?

We no longer do tank inspections ourselves, but we can always refer you to one of our colleagues. You can always contact us for this and we will provide you with the correct information!

How should I have my fuel oil level gauged?

Contact us by mail or the contactpage and we will get back to you with all the necessary information.

In which region do you deliver?

Contact us by mail or the contactpage and we will get back to you with all the necessary information.

How fast do you deliver?

The deliveries always depend on how busy it is. We try to do this as soon as possible, usually this is the next working day or the day after. In the very busy periods this can sometimes take a little longer, but we always contact you in time.

How is the fuel oil price determined?

The fuel oil price always depends on various factors, on this page you can find all information about this.

What is the price for fuel oil / fuel oil (in Belgium) in 2020?

The official daily price and also the price evolution can be found here.

What is the fuel oil / heating oil price today?

The current official daily price can be found here.

How is the fuel oil price evolving? What is the price evolution for fuel oil?

On this page you get a clear view of the evolution of the fuel oil price

I am looking for a specific product, how do I proceed?

You can find an overview on our offer page, to refuel you can easily visit our stationfinder and select the desired product via the filter.

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