Tank checks

As you may know, MAES is a company that has been supplying petroleum products to individuals, companies, industry, agriculture, and so on for a long time. In recent years, storage of these products and tank control has become a matter for specialists. This is why we can ensure that all problems with your storage installation are solved by our specialized staff.

What can we do for you?

  • Places of overflow safety devices
  • Verification of Vlarem II environmental legislation
  • Placing new tanks
  • Places of distribution installation
  • Placing measurement and alarm systems
  • Advice when applying for permits

According to Vlarem II legislation, each tank must be equipped with an overflow safety device. An overfill protection is the solution to let your fuel supplier know that your storage tank is almost full.

We always use a probe as overfill protection. The probe is an electronic device, a level probe, which will be connected to the truck at discharge. When the tank is almost full, the probe sends a signal. This way the supply is automatically closed. At Maes we use the probe when it is technically possible, because this is the safest method.

Check according to Vlarem II

The legislator stipulates that a tank inspection of a storage tank must be done by a recognized technician. Our company has a recognized technician who can carry out all examinations.

During this tank check our technician checks whether your filling and ventilation tube is in good condition. He also monitors the proper functioning of the overfill protection.

After a positive tank check, by an ultrasonic test, you receive a green plate to attach to the tank and a conformity certificate. That is proof that your tank is in accordance with Vlarem legislation.

We also keep all data about this tank check in a database. As soon as a next inspection is offered, we will inform you.

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