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Find the nearest petrol station? Easy, with MAES!

Because MAES keeps innovating, at MAES we have a new station finder that can guide you even faster and better to your nearest petrol station within the MAES network.

With our station finder you can look up our petrol stations, select them in our products and they will immediately navigate you to the station. Handy!

MAES smartphone app

In one tap on your smartphone! How do you proceed?
Our gas station locator can easily be installed on your mobile phone by following the short steps below:

Create a shortcut to our station finder on your Android smartphone
1. Open Google Chrome and visit
2. At the top right, tap the menu icon and select the option “Add to home screen”
3. Type the name of the shortcut in the text field
4. Tap Add to add the website to the home screen

Create a shortcut to our station finder on your iPhone
1. Open your Safari and visit
2. Tap your cell phone at the bottom of the icon of a square where an arrow is sticking out.
3. Select “Put on home screen” and give the shortcut a name.

Create a shortcut to our station finder on your Windows smartphone
1. Open the standard browser and visit
2. Tap “More” … then tap “Attach to home screen”
3. A new tile is attached to the home screen.

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