Lubricants and greases

You can contact us for all types of lubricants and greases of the Total brand. We have a large stock of the latest products, in different packaging and bulk. Technical specifications and approvals can be obtained on request.

Garage and transport companies can come to us with all their problems for storage and handling of their lubricants. Our technical department can take care of the placement of the material.

Do you want more information? Do not hesitate to contact us.

What does lubricating oil do?

Lubricating oil is indispensable for the proper functioning of the engine, because it ensures:

  • Reduction of friction
  • Cleaning and protection of the parts
  • Cooling the engine
  • Protection against rust

What is lubricating oil?

  • Mineral oils
    This oil comes from distillation of crude oil. It is the oil that is most commonly used in the automotive industry.
  • Semi-synthetic oils
    This oil is obtained by mixing mineral oil (about 75%) and synthetic oil (about 25%).
  • Synthetic oils
    This oil is obtained by a chemical reaction of several components. This is the oil of the future, especially in terms of renewal terms.
  • Additives
    A number of additives are added to each type of lubricating oil. That on the one hand to strengthen certain properties of the base oil, but also to add certain properties

Types of lubricating oil

  • Lubricating oil for passenger cars
  • Lubricating oil for trucks
  • Lubricating oil for motorcycles
  • Transmission oil
  • Hydraulic oil
  • Agricultural oil

Given the wide range and complexity of the range, you can contact us for this.

Lubricating grease

In some cases, grease is the best lubricant. Grease has the same purpose as lubricating oil, but has other applications. You can use grease:

  • To prevent dust from entering
  • To reduce the lubrication frequency
  • To reduce noise
  • For machines that are not continuously in operation

Antifreeze and coolant

We always have a large stock of antifreeze and coolant (-38 °).

Since a few years we can also offer you Glysantin from BASF. This is a coolant that has been used as the first filling by almost all European car manufacturers in recent years.

Glysantin from BASF meets the following requirements:

  • Prevention of freezing
  • Countering corrosion
  • Preventing overheating
  • No deterioration of rubber and plastics
  • Low viscosity
  • High specific heat capacities
  • Recyclable

Glysantin has been approved by, among others, BMW, Fendt, Ford, John-Deere, Man, Mercedes, MTU, OPEL / GM, Porsche, Renault, Saab, Volkswagen / Audi, and Volvo.

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