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Frequently asked questions about: Smart Reporting

What is Smart Reporting?

If you do not have a fuel card and you fill up with your bank card, you can now also receive an invoice quickly and easily. So no more separate tickets and hours of work to get everything in order. Of course you can easily solve this by requesting the MAES fuel card. But there is now also a second solution, namely smart reporting.

For this you simply have to register with your bank or credit card and we will take care of the rest for you. You will receive an invoice in your mailbox twice a month for free. This means you no longer lose any extra time to put everything in order.



Which transactions are on the invoice?

Only those of the external terminal. Shop transactions aren’t possible via Smart Reporting.

I have a replacement card, what now?

When you get a new debit card, it’s best to pass it on when you can. If you do that, all can continue to run smoothly. A new card isn’t known in our system, which means Smart Reporting can’t work. .

Does MAES keep my cart number?

When you add a cart number via our portal, the number does not get saved on to our systems. The numbers are saved securely on the systems of Wordline. They provide this service for a number of bancs. Wordline gives a unique code to the debit card, which will be used to add the refuelings to the invoice.