DIESEL B7 Supremium

Diesel engines have undergone a rapid evolution in recent years and are placing increasingly higher demands on the fuel that is being fueled. As a MAES customer, you are always used to refuel with the highest quality fuel.

Supremium delivers even more and is comparable to the top diesel fuels of the big brands. Supremium Diesel from MAES has received an additional additive package, developed in collaboration with Wynn’s. These additives give even more cleaning power. The cleaner the engine the purer the combustion, the result: more power and less emissions.

Our advice: tank at least once per third or fourth refueling Supremium and your engine and injection system will thank you.

Advantages Supremium Diesel

  • More power
    and thus more driving pleasure
  • Lower fuel consumption
    which is good for your wallet
  • Less emissions
    positive for the environment
  • Better lubrication
    of the fuel system: beneficial for the life of the engine
  • Less engine noise
    and thus more driving comfort.

Product information sheet

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