Our tips for reduced fuel consumption in winter

As you no doubt know, the winter cold takes a lot out of your car. Fuel consumption is slightly higher in winter than in summer due to cold starts, snowy roads and the use of winter tyres, among other things. With the following tips, we want to help you still save as much as possible this winter and keep your fuel consumption as low as possible!

Maes Oil - Autorijden in winter

1. Switch off window and mirror heating in good time

Of course you need your window and mirror heaters to have good visibility when it is freezing. But many motorists forget to turn them off when the car is up to temperature. However, you use up to 5% more fuel this way.

2. Wash your car regularly

Road salt and brine quickly make your car dirty in winter. A clean car reduces air resistance and consumes less fuel.

3. Park under cover

Park indoors as much as possible, preferably in a garage. This is because it is better for air resistance and generally protects your car better from winter weather conditions.

4. Check your tyre pressure regularly

Low temperatures can cause your tyre pressure to drop below the recommended pressure more quickly. When the pressure is 0.5 bar lower than recommended, 2-5% more fuel is consumed. So worth checking extra regularly.

5. Read our tips to winterproof your car.

Our tips for winter-proofing your car and keeping your fuel consumption down will get you through the winter even better!

These tips will get you through the winter a little better and keep your fuel consumption down. Keep an eye on our Facebook page for more tips and tricks!