5 tips for getting your car quickly ice free in the morning

The cold and long winter months are upon us again and that means frozen car windows. Nothing is more annoying than having to get up ten minutes early in the morning to clear the ice from your car with icy fingertips. That is why we are happy to list some handy tips so that you can press the snooze button on your alarm clock a bit more often!

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  1. Prevention is better than cure

You prevent frozen car windows by covering them with an anti-ice blanket at night. You can also use cardboard or newspaper, but only if you are sure it stays dry. Otherwise you will have more work. In addition, make sure your windows are clean. Ice likes to stick to dirt.

  1. Don’t pour hot water over your car windows

You can pour hot water over your car windows to make them ice free, but because of the acute temperature difference can cause your car windows to crack. In other words, you may win some minutes in the morning, but you won’t be home until late because you needed to get you windows fixed first. What can be a solution, if it has not frozen too hard, is to hold a bag of lukewarm water against your window. Just make sure you dry off the melted ice well, otherwise it will freeze up again.

  1. Spray rather than scratch

Although most people scratch the ice off their windows with the well-known ice scraper, we still recommend a good de-icing spray. You can easily get this in specialised shops or make it yourself by diluting disinfectant alcohol with water.

  1. Don’t let your engine warm up for too long

It takes a while for your engine to really warm up during the cold winter months. In fact, you often need to cover several kilometres before the engine is fully warmed up.

  1. Definitely do not use a salt or vinegar solution

We have heard many times that spraying a salt or vinegar solution on your windscreens would be the solution. We want to immediately disprove this, though. The ice might disappear from your car windows, but it can also cause fierce damage to your car’s bodywork.

We hope you get something out of our tips to make you car ice free! In any case, remember that driving around with frozen car windows is not only dangerous. It can also result in hefty fines. So be sure to winterproof your car so that you can always drive safely!