Winterproof your car: handy tips for a worry-free drive

Now that winter is here, it is advisable to get your car winterproof for cold times. Whether you are a seasoned driver or have just got your driving licence, it is always a good idea to winterproof your car. Here are a few handy tips to make sure your car is ready for a worry-free drive in winter conditions.

1.    Check tyre pressure and tread

One of the most important things to check is tyre pressure. Cold temperatures can affect tyre pressure, so make sure your tyres are at the right pressure. Also check the profile of the tyres. Sufficient tread ensures better grip on snowy or slippery roads.

2.    Replace your summer tyres with winter tyres

Winter tyres are specially designed to perform better at lower temperatures and on slippery surfaces. Consider replacing your summer tyres with winter tyres for extra grip and safety.

3.     Check the fluids

Make sure all the fluids in your car are at the right level. Check engine oil, coolant, windscreen wiper fluid and brake fluid. Fluids can thicken in cold weather, so make sure they are suitable for low temperatures.

4.     Get your battery checked

Cold weather can put a lot of strain on your car’s battery. So have your battery checked to make sure it is strong enough to last through the winter. If your battery is outdated, consider replacing it before the cold really hits.

5.     Make sure you have good lighting

With the shorter days and long nights, good lighting is essential. Check that all your lights work, including low beams, high beams, brake lights and turn signals. Replace broken bulbs immediately.

6.     Prepare a winter emergency kit

Prepare a winter emergency kit and keep it in your car. Think of things like an ice scraper, a blanket, gloves, a torch, extra clothes and some food and water for emergencies.

7.     Avoid parking outside

Do you have a garage? Then put your car inside as much as possible. That way, not only will you protect the paint on your car, but the windows will also not freeze. You don’t have a garage? Then provide a cover for your car so that your car’s paint is protected from snow and ice.

By following these simple but essential steps, you can drive into winter with peace of mind. Remember, safety always comes first. A little preparation can prevent major problems and ensure you get through the winter comfortably and safely.

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