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Gas station Alkmaar Huiswaarderweg Esso

Huiswaarderweg 2
1817 Js Alkmaar

Available products

Diesel B7
Eurosuper 95 E10
AdBlue Personenwagens

Payment Options

MAES Tankkaart

Apply for a fuel card

At MAES you are always at the right place if you are looking for a company fuel card or a fuel card for the self-employed. The free MAES fuel card provides the whole range of fuel card services and a network of 1,700 locations throughout the Benelux at a competitive rate. You can easily request your fuel card via the MAES website. You can also easily compare the different fuel cards on our website. This way you can be sure that you are making the right choice! Soon, we will also have a handy app for private individuals with which you can keep track of everything! If you like to manage your fuel expenses hands on or like to gif a useful gift card? Take a look at our MAES Prepaid fuel card.

MAES Mobility Card

Extra options thanks to the MAES Mobility Card

Fancy a card that can do even more? Then you are in the right place with the MAES Mobility Card. Paying parking, paying tolls or taking public transport, it is very easy for you with our MMC card. The MAES Mobility Card is even tailored to the very latest ‘cash for car‘ scheme. It is an ideal solution to manage your mobility budget or mobility allowance. MAES has also neatly listed all information about benefit in kind calculations for you.


HVO (Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil)

HVO Refuelling? This is now also possible at MAES. HVO biodiesel is a renewable diesel made from residual waste, which means that it has significantly less impact on our environment. You may know it as HVO100 or HVO Diesel, but at MAES at the pump it simply called HVO.

MAES Tankkaart

Hybrid fuel card

With the MAES Hybrid Card you have all the familiar high-quality features of your regular fuel card, plus an enormous network of charging points spread across Europe. This handy electric fuel card ensures that you can always go to a petrol station or charging station with your regular car, hybrid car or electric car.


AdBlue® offer at MAES

In many MAES filling stations or stations of the MAES fuel card network you can also fill up with at the AdBlue® pump or buy AdBlue® in the shop. Not sure what AdBlue®  is? Look here for all information about AdBlue®. At MAES we always provide a competitive AdBlue® price.


Different types of fuel cards

You can refuel at MAES not only as a customer of MAES, but also with the ESSO fuel card, DATS fuel card, OCTA + fuel card, SHELL fuel card, TEXACO fuel card, Belgian Fuel Card and so many other cards. Do you have the MAES fuel card yourself? Then you practically also have a universal fuel card or multi-brand fuel card, because with your MAES fuel card you can also refuel on all the above brands and much more. You can find a complete overview here. And at MAES you also have a useful MAES prepaid Card you can use or can give as a gift.