Diesel B7

The diesel fuel we offer, both delivered at home and at our petrol stations, is always of the highest quality. We guarantee you that this product meets the Belgian quality standards.

During the month of October we switch to diesel fuel of winter quality, so that from the start of November we can offer you a winter diesel with a CFPP point (stands for cold filter plugging point or the temperature below which the fuel pump can no longer use the diesel fuel filter). pulling) of minus 20 ° C. With this diesel you can therefore go through the winter without any problems.

Tip: The storage of diesel fuel at your home has become a very expensive business in terms of environmental legislation. That is why we have a very simple and flexible system for supplying your diesel fuel: the MAES fuel card.

Professional diesel

Since 2009, it is possible under certain conditions to qualify for the special excise duties on diesel to be recovered. This particular excise is called “professional diesel”, more info can be found here.

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