Professional diesel

Since 2009, it is possible under certain conditions to qualify for the special excise duties on diesel to be recovered. This particular excise is called “professional diesel.

The Belgian state has created a cliquet system to be able to implement excise tax increases. Every year the maximum amount of excise tax is set that one wants to increase. Excise duties on diesel fuel will be increased each time the maximum price falls to the moment the total annual amount is reached. As a result, the share of professional diesel will increase annually. The professional user can therefore request this monthly.

From 01 January 2023 you can recover €0.0604384/litre. This is an increase compared to the previous 2 years (€0.2269716/l in 2022 and €0.2476158/l in 2021).

Who is eligible:

Everyone who has a vehicle of more than 7.5 tons, taxis and buses are eligible.
Even though you are not a carrier, you use the truck to transport your own goods.

How to apply?

The first step is to register

  • If you have not already done so in the past, you must first register and apply for a permit. This is called the “permit for energy products and electricity”
  • Go to the website of the Federal Public Service Finance on the internet
  • On this page you can choose “companies”
  • At “customs and excise” you choose “read more”
  • Then choose “excise” again for “read more”
  • Then choose “read more” under “application forms” again
  • There you go to the title “energy products and electricity” and you can download the application form

In the document “Energy products and electricity”, enter the following:

  • Name, address, telephone number and your company number
  • The nature of the application, here you select new permit (cross)
  • The nature of your activity, here one looks at the end user (cross)
  • If you fill up at various filling stations, enter your own address here, otherwise the address where you always refuel
  • With the product code you enter “22”.
  • You give your estimated consumption, this is on an annual basis
  • Then enter the address of the accounting
  • You add the date and signature of the company representative.
  • You then add all the registration documents of the vehicles that are eligible to request the return.

You then send this form together with the registration documents of your trucks to the regional ‘Directie Douane’ under which you fall:

  • Antwerp Region: Ellermanstraat 21, 2060 Antwerp – Email
  • Brussels Region: Administrative Center Botanique – Finance Tower, Botanique Avenue 50 – Bus 320, 1000 Brussels – Email
  • Ghent Region: R.A.C. Ter Plaeten, Sint-Lievenslaan 27, 9000 Ghent – Email
  • Hasselt Region: Voortstraat 43 – Bus 70, 3500 Hasselt – Email
  • Leuven Region: Philipssite 3A bus 4, 3001 Leuven – Email

For the complete Professional Diesel manual you can download the document below (only in Dutch)

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