Mondial Relay lockers at our petrol stations

At MAES, we want to make your life as easy as possible. That is why we not only provide 25 unique shops with a wide range of products, but also placed convenient Mondial Relay lockers at 17 of our petrol stations. So, in one go, you not only fill up your tank with fuel at a great price, but you also collect or send your packages!

The biggest advantages of using the lockers of Mondial Relay at our stations

Mondial Relay works with numerous partners. Probably the best known is Vinted, where you sell or buy your clothes, giving them a second life. Big chains like Sephora, H&M, Decathlon and Asos also use Mondial Relay to receive and send parcels. So Mondial Relay’s vending machines come in handy if you are a fan of these and many more brands!

Using a locker from Mondial Relay is easy. For example, you do not depend on opening hours. You just simply pick up your parcel, similarly as sending it whenever you want. You also get a handy tracking number that allows you to closely follow your sent parcel. Moreover, you don’t t have to queue up to pick up or drop off your parcel. In addition, it costs you less money. And the very best advantage? You also benefit from competitive prices at our pumps, so you can pick up or send a parcel and fill up your petrol tank at the same time!

Are you curious which of our petrol stations have Mondial Relay vending machines? The map below shows our current locations with a vending machine. Be sure to check out Mondial Relay’s website for an extensive network of pick-up points and more information about their vending machines.