How do you recognize a petrol station of the MAES network?

At MAES we are regularly asked which filling station you can go to with your MAES fuel card and which petrol stations belong to our network. We gladly take the time to give you a clear answer!

How the MAES network came to be

Before moving on to what our MAES network looks like today, let’s briefly look back at the origins of MAES:

After the founding of MAES in the 1960s, we experienced solid growth over the years, taking over almost all ESSO stations in the provinces of Antwerp, Flemish Brabant, and part of East Flanders in 2013. In 2018 we added the acquisitions of Desimpel and OCTA+, which we transformed into MAES, ESSO and SHELL stations. In 2019, we then acquired another 21 ESSO stations from Guvvi. Through further acquisitions, MAES has therefore currently grown into one of the largest independent players in Belgium.

This is how you recognize our petrol stations

The easiest way to find out for sure whether a particular filling station is part of our network is to consult our station finder. Here you can filter to the ‘MAES network’ and get a view of our own stations.

Furthermore, it is a legal requirement at each filling station to post who is responsible for the sale of fuel and who operates the station. This poster is hung on the shop or technical area at the gas stations in our network and looks like this:

In other words, do you have a question or have you noticed something? Then it’s best to check the poster first to see who operates the station and contact that company.

External dealers

In addition to the service stations in our own network, there are a number of SHELL, ESSO, MAES and some OCTA+ stations operated by external dealers. Under a contract with these dealers, we supply them with products and our brand, but they own the station themselves. You can also find these stations in our station finder. If you have any questions, comments or complaints, please contact the dealer in question. Although we will help you if necessary. As with the gas stations we operate, they too must display their contact details at the station.

The fuel card network

Finally, there is our fuel card network, which has also grown considerably over the years. At the moment you can use your MAES fuel card at 1700 stations throughout the Benelux. This through partnerships with G&V, EG, Texaco, Bruno, De Haan and others. You can find your nearest station via our station finder. Here you click on the filter ‘MAES Fuel Card Network’.