What the calibration of fuel pumps means for you

Fuel pump calibration is an essential process that ensures the accuracy of fuel measurements and protects consumers. When you use our fuel pumps, it is important to know that they have been verified and legally calibrated by independent bodies. The Metrological Service of the FPS Economy in Belgium plays a crucial role in maintaining this accuracy at petrol stations.

Calibration fuel pumps

What does calibrating our fuel pumps mean?

But what does calibrating a fuel pump mean? It is a process that carefully checks that the pump is delivering the right amount of fuel to match the amount you pay. That correct amount is achieved by calibrating the pump’s measuring equipment according to standard measurements.

The calibration of fuel pumps is carried out by certified bodies or technicians with expertise in metrology, who use specialised equipment to check the accuracy measuring instruments and adjust them where necessary. This calibration is done periodically according to strict legal regulations and standards to ensure that fuel measurements remain accurate.

What does calibration mean for you?

An important aspect for you when refuelling is to pay attention to the inspection label. This indicates when the pump was last checked and calibrated. That label confirms the accuracy of the fuel pump and ensures that it meets the required standards, allowing you to refuel your vehicle with confidence. You will also find these labels on our fuel stations.

A regular calibration of fuelv pumps maintain our customers’ confidence and uphold fair business practices in the fuel industry. That process plays a crucial role in protecting the interests of both consumers and businesses.