Pay with own card at charging station from April 2024

From 13 April 2024, paying with a bank card will be possible at new charging stations in our network. This new measure will solve a common frustration for drivers with electric cars.

No more frustrations thanks to paying by card at charging station

The biggest problem is that there are numerous apps and charging cards currently in circulation. In other words, there is no universal card, so drivers of electric cars cannot simply pay with their own card at any charging station. This often leads to annoyance, as the desired payment method is not always accepted. Moreover, the rate can vary from one charging card to another.

However, these frustrations will be addressed by DC chargers from April 2024. As a result, electric vehicle users will no longer be caught in a labyrinth of payment methods. However, this applies to new charging poles; existing ones are not covered. These will only compulsorily accept your card of choice from 2027 onwards. For the time being, you pay at our charging stations with your MAES Hybrid Card, among others.

EU’s future vision for electric driving

In addition, the European Union has another ambitious plan. To make electric mobility more attractive, it is committed to expanding charging infrastructure. By 2025, charging stations would be available on motorways every 60 kilometres. Our partner Sparki already installed fast charging stations at some of our locations. On the map below, you can view the current locations and easily navigate to them: