Do you have to stop refuelling when you hear a click?

It’s a familiar scenario: you’re at the petrol station and you let the fuel pump do its job. But then you hear that familiar clicking sound that indicates the tank is full. For some, this is the sign to stop refuelling, while others think they can add some more fuel to get the tank completely full. However, experts warn that stopping refuelling as soon as the fuel pump clicks is vital for both your safety and the health of your vehicle. Below, we will outline the reasons why you should stop refuelling as soon as the pump clicks.

tanken stoppen klik

1. Risk of fuel leaks

When the fuel tank is full, there is not much room left for the fuel to accommodate expansion, especially in hot weather. If you don’t stop refuelling after hear the click of the pump, you increase the risk of fuel leaks. This can lead to potentially dangerous situations, such as fire or explosions, especially if the fuel comes into contact with hot engine parts.

2. Emissions system damage

Modern vehicles are equipped with sophisticated emission control equipment, including a vapour capture system. If you overfill the fuel tank, excess fuel can enter this system, leading to damage and potentially costly repairs. It can also lead to increased pollutant emissions, which is bad for the environment.

3. Disruption of the EVAP system

The evaporative emission control system (EVAP) in modern vehicles is designed to capture fuel vapours and direct them back into the engine’s combustion chamber for combustion, rather than releasing them into the atmosphere. Adding too much fuel can overload this system, leading to malfunctions and loss of fuel efficiency.

4. Cost savings

It is a misconception that by adding extra fuel after the pump clicks, you can cover more miles before you have to refuel. The extra fuel you add is simply not used efficiently and may even lead to higher fuel consumption? That is due to the problems mentioned above. In addition, you can save even more money on your annual car expenses with our handy tips.

It is vital to stop refuelling at that point. Although it may be tempting to add those few extra litres of fuel after the pump clicks,So, the next time you are at our filling station and the fuel pump clicks, know that it is time to replace the fuel cap and safely hit the road.

However, we like to give a little nuance! Are you only recently filling up and so it is not possible that your tank is already full? But the gun does click off? Then you have probably not inserted the gun correctly or not deep enough into your tank. Be sure to check this and refuel further if necessary!