Do more than refuel thanks to the MAES Mobility Card

Do not just call our MAES Mobility Card a ‘fuel card’. This premium card is all you need to offer your employees a top service and save costs yourself at the same time. With the MAES Mobility Card, your employees can also rely on many other services besides refueling. How so? Let us tell you!

Maes Mobility

MAES Mobility: tailored to the modern employee

Representatives, technical experts, sales people, … Some employees are often on the road. Usually these trips take place with a company car. And although a comfortable car makes the traffic jam a lot more bearable, sometimes they have long days on the job. Put them extra pampered with the MAES Mobility Card. You save them a lot of administrative misery!

Thanks to to our card, your employees no longer need to record every professional issue or request a receipt at the cash register. Each expense on the way can be paid with the Mobility Card, which keeps track of what is used monthly. The result: one monthly payment and more comfort for the employee and employer.

Higher cost recovery

Unlike the regular MAES fuel card, the MAES Mobility Card is not free. And yet you can save a lot with it. The card registers every expenditure – from parking ticket to restaurant expenses – and guarantees correct invoicing. This way you have maximum VAT recovery. Even more, you can easily manage the expenses per employee. The Mobility Card allows you to set spending limits and payment options for each user.

Ecological choice

Does your company play on sustainable mobility? We have the solution at MAES. Users of the MAES Mobility Card also have access to our Milo app that gives personal mobility advice, while not leaving public transport behind. With the Mobility Card you can also pay at electric charging stations. Future-proof!

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