MAES Hybrid Card – Blue Corner Network

The MAES Hybrid Card has access to all Blue Corner charging points and the entire Blue Corner charging network. This gives you access to all public charging stations throughout Europe.

Blue Corner has signed agreements with leading players in the European charging infrastructure market. Thanks to this seamless collaboration, Blue Corner and therefore also MAES have an extensive charging network, so that as a MAES Hybrid Card user you can charge your electric vehicle at charging points of various other brands.

You can easily find a charging point in Belgium or Europe via MAES. Discover here where you can charge anywhere. This way you won’t be without power anywhere unexpectedly.

Ultra-fast charging stations

With the MAES Hybrid Card you can of course also charge at the Ultra-fast charging stations on our own network. Via these poles you can (depending on your car) travel hundreds of kilometers within 10 to 20 minutes to continue your journey. We are installing the posts together with our partner Sparki. The first poles were placed at our station ESSO Wilrijk at the end of 2022, meanwhile piles have been added at ESSO Destelbergen, ESSO Beveren, MAES Deinze, SHELL Assebroek and MAES Sint-Kruis. In the coming months, we will have a total of one hundred charging stations added at many locations.

Our charging stations have 2 plugs, a standard CCS cable that can provide a maximum of 320 kW and a liquid-cooled cable that can handle up to 1,000 kW. Sparki’s current poles provide a maximum of 350 kW because there are hardly any cars that can handle more than 350 kW. This allows you to charge the battery of your electric car to 80% in a minimum of time. Our charging stations are at least 6 times faster than the first generation of fast chargers (50kWh), which can still be found in many places. The power and speed of our charging stations cannot be compared to a classic charging station, which only delivers a fraction of the speed of our charging stations.

Discover the MAES Hybrid Card

Our MAES Hybrid Card is the perfect solution for your hybrid car. In addition to access to the Blue Corner Network, the card also has all the useful features of the regular MAES Fuel Card. This allows you to refuel throughout the Benelux and you can use a handy MAES app with which you can refuel on your mobile phone.