Uniform fuel labels in all filling stations in the EU

Thanks to the introduction of new types of fuels on the market and to make it easier for consumers to refuel the right fuel, the European Union has decided to oblige new labels at all filling stations throughout Europe from mid-October. These labels are a visible tool so that the consumer can easily refuel the right fuel.


In which countries will the new uniform fuel labels be used?

These labels will be introduced in all 28 Member States of the EU, the EEA countries (Iceland, Liechtenstein & Norway), Macedonia, Serbia, Turkey & Switzerland.

Where can you find the uniform fuel labels?

For newly produced cars, near the fuel cap or the filling valve. This label can also be found in the instruction booklet of the vehicle. In addition, these labels will be found on all pumps and filling guns at all public stations in the aforementioned countries.

What do the labels look like?

There are specific labels for petrol, diesel and gaseous fuels (such as CNG, LNG, LPG and hydrogen)

Petrol types:

For the petrol types it is a round label with the letter “E” and a number. The number after the “E” indicates the maximum percentage of bio-components that may be incorporated.

Diesel types:

The label for diesel types is square. The number after the “B” indicates the maximum percentage of specific biodiesel components that may be incorporated, the XTL indicates that the fuel is synthetic and is not made from crude oil.

Gaseous fuels:

For the gaseous fuels, the label is diamond shaped.