Petrol in a diesel engine and vice versa

Incorrect fueling is more common than you might think. That is why we at MAES want to shed our light on what can go wrong. Most important rule: Do not panic, turn off the engine or leave it off! We take a look at all possible situations.

Benzine in dieselmotor
  • During refueling You are a million miles away with your thoughts and suddenly wake up while refueling. Petrol in the diesel tank, what now? First of all, reassurance, you are not the first! It is important here that you do not start the engine! This will prevent the gasoline from causing damage to the engine. Put your car in neutral, push it to a parking lot so that the track remains clear for safety and for other customers. Then it is best to contact your garage and explain the situation to them. They can easily transfer the fuel and so you can quickly get back on the track.
  • After refeuling with minimal milage. If you have just started driving and suddenly realize what you have done, put the car aside as quickly as possible and of course in a safe way. Switch off the engine and contact your garage owner. Explain your situation and he will come and get the car. There is a chance that if you have not driven far yet, the problem is not so big.
  • During your driving The mistake was made without you realizing it. Your engine will start sputtering and faltering pretty quickly. Again, it is best to put your car aside and switch off the engine as soon as possible. Make sure you put the car in a safe place and also apply your signage. Contact the garage and ask for assistance. Here we have to say that the chance that your motor has been damaged is rather high.

Is petrol in diesel and vice versa dangerous?

The mixture of both products is slightly flammable, so be careful and do contact a professional if you want to drain your tank.

Whats causing the problems?

The biggest problem is when you pour gasoline into your diesel tank. Gasoline is degreased and diesel is a lubricant. Because the gasoline degreases, it actually counteracts the lubrication of the diesel. And thus, the stuff can completely destroy the engine injection system. If you continue to drive, this can cause the entire engine to break down. If you are quick, or have you done little with it, it may be that the petrol gets dissolved in the diesel and that the damage is limited.

What about diesel in gasoline?

This is a bit more difficult to occur. Most modern gasolines have an opening that is smaller than the pistol of the diesel pump. So your alarm should go off when you start refueling. Do you have a very old car or did you think that you had to pour in the diesel like a cup of tea, then you should first look at how much you have refilled. Do you think you have only refilled a little, a small 10%? Then the car can cause some smoke and rattling, but it will normally still get through. If it is more than 10% you have to empty it too. But if you want to be sure, just contact your garage. They know what to.