Accutrace Plus replaces Solvent Yellow 124 in 2024

From 19 January 2024, the more powerful euromarker Accutrace Plus will definitely replace Solvent Yellow 124. What is already decided?

According to European regulation 2022/197, from 19.01.2024, it is mandatory to use Accutrace Plus as a tracing agent in denatured petroleum products. In other words, Accutrace Plus will replaces SY 124 definitely.

Since 1 July 2023, the Netherlands and Belgium have been in a transition period. However, France, Germany and Austria do not have this period. This means that products sold in these markets until 18.01.2024 will still have to contain the required amount of SY 124.

During this transition phase, marked products may contain both SY 124 and Accutrace Plus. However, for every gram missing SY 124, a specific amount of Accutrace Plus must be present. This amount depends most likely according on a formula in the RD. However, it is recommended to switch to the use of Accutrace Plus as soon as possible, as from 19.01.2024 the prescribed amounts of Accutrace Plus must be detectable on already released products.

From 18.01.2024, all petroleum products, including lamp petroleum, must additionally contain a red dye. This is because Accutrace Plus is colourless and lamp petroleum previously had the yellow colour of SY 124. After 18.01.2024, marked petroleum products may still contain traces of SY, but this does not affect the qualification of the product as ‘marked’. The image below illustrates the switch from yellow to red colour:

The FPS Finance is currently working on a draft RD. Luxembourg is likely to follow the rules of Belgium and the Netherlands.

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