L'Unique: Discover our shops

At our own MAES Network we already provide a wide range of products at the pump. But some of our stations also have a shop. We operate some of these shops ourselves. We recently decided to modernize and expand these shops, we operate these shops under the name l’Unique

Shopping at MAES: A Unique experience

In addition to being an ideal place to take something with you when you are on the road, we also try to turn our shops into real local shops. You can find newspapers, ice creams, a soft or hot drink and fresh sandwiches; but also other items such as cleaning products, toilet paper, preserves,… . Many of our shops are open early and close late, so you can easily take something with you here. We also regularly offer nice promotions, so keep an eye on these when you come by.

What can you find in our shops:

We try to have as extensive a range as possible for you, so that you can quickly take something with you on the road or just for home. Everything for Breakfast, lunch and aperitif; Do you like to play the lotto or do you need a newspaper or magazine? Stop by l’Unique!

In addition, you can also contact us for tobacco products, car products, flowers and an extensive range of drinks (coffee, soft drinks, beer, wine, etc.). These are things you would expect in a shop at a gas station, but at l’Unique we go one step further. In addition to a quick stop while driving, we also want to be more of a neighborhood shop where you can go for everything you have forgotten. We also have cleaning products, toilet paper, greeting cards, preserves, charcoal, pellets and so on!

Bakery full of goodies:

In a large number of our shops we have a bakery where you can enjoy a lot of goodies. Freshly made hot & cold sandwiches, coffee cakes, desserts, sausage rolls, savory snacks and much more. You can always place an order by phone.

No more bread at home? Then stop by l’Unique for a baguette! We have it all.


Promotions in the shops:

Be sure to keep an eye on the screens inside and outside because you can benefit from many promotions on our products every month. Every month we put a few products in the spotlight, so you can buy them with a discount.

Our shops during Covid-19

First aid for shopping! If you recently stopped at one of our gas stations, you may have already seen it. Our campaign on safe shopping in the time of Covid-19. The posters provide some important guidelines for safe shopping at l’Unique. For example, we ask you to always wear a mouth mask, not only in the shop but also on the slopes. In addition, depending on the surface of the shop in question, you can only enter with X number of people (is always indicated), we ask you to always disinfect your hands (material is available) and to keep your distance in the shop.

This way we can guarantee a safe shopping trip for you, other customers and of course our staff.

Overview of the shops of l’Unique


Station Adress Zip Phone
ESSO Ekeren Leugenberg 204 2180 + 32 (0)3.665.24.02
ESSO Kielsbroek Kielsbroek 1 2020 + 32 (0)
ESSO Mechelen Putsesteenweg 78 2800 + 32 (0)15.550.115
ESSO Wijnegem Turnhoutsebaan 98 2110 + 32 (0)3.354.13.46
MAES Rumst Antwerpsesteenweg 39A 2840 + 32 (0)15.321.629
ESSO Grobbendonk Leopoldstraat 55 2280 +32 (0)14.501.560
ESSO Arendonk Schotelven 17 2370 +32 (0)14.434.684
ESSO Begijnendijk Liersesteenweg 318 3130 +32 (0)16.562.880
MAES Rotem Rijksweg 760 3650 +32 (0)
MAES Brasschaat Bredabaan 539 2930 +32 (0)3.653.55.90
ESSO Bonheiden Mechelsesteenweg 227 2820 +32 (0)
ESSO Gosselies Rue Robesse 1 6041 +32 (0)
MAES Borsbeek Frans Beirenslaan 6 2150 +32 (0)3.321.06.25
SHELL Brugge Pathoekeweg 122 B 8000 +32 (0)50.315.456
ESSO Destelbergen Laarnebaan 1 9070 +32 (0)
SHELL Kortemark Staatsbaan 28 8610 +32 (0)
SHELL Wilsele Aarschotsesteenweg 149 3012 +32 (0)
MAES Brugge Pathoekeweg 74 8000 +32 (0)
MAES Minderhout Bredaseweg 1 2322 +32 (0) 314,81,62
ESSO Maillen Chaussée des Ardennes 4 5330 +32 (0)
MAES Ruisbroek Pullaar 209 2870 +32 (0)3.866.16.33
ESSO Tervuren Leuvensesteenweg 76 3080 +32 (0)2.790.61.97
ESSO Duffel Lintsesteenweg 2 2570 +32 (0)15 79 33 77
SHELL Sauvenière Chaussée de Tirlemenont 207 5030 +32 (0)78 48 03 14
MAES Haine-St-Paul Chausée de Mons 55 7100 +32 (0)78 48 03 14

Overzichtje van de openingsuren kan je hier vinden.