Mobile payment - Rebranding stations

This year you can pay mobile at all MAES gas stations

Dear Customer,

The smartphone is the payment method of the future and we at MAES always try to look at the newest trends! We are currently working on an app that makes it easy to pay mobile on the entire MAES network!

This extra feature ensures that you or your employee can easily activate the pump from in your car, handy right?

The quickest and most affordable refueling in your area

We will be offering this service in the course of 2020, so as a car driver you will enjoy a great deal of comfort. From your car you can quickly and easily see which pumps are free, select the pump and, on top of that, you do not lose any time when paying. A smooth refueling experience is therefore guaranteed!

You will of course also receive the same fuel discount as your regular fuel card! Take a look now on our website for more info!

Rebranding stations

In addition to the expansion of our network, we are also continuing to rebrand our DESIMPEL & OCTA + stations to the MAES, ESSO & SHELL brands. It is important to know that your fuel card will of course continue to work at these locations. To get an overview of which stations get a different color, you can go here.

Do you want to earn € 50 in free fuel?

To draw attention to our rebranding, our MAES photo promotion is still running! Click here for more info!