MAES is partnering with YEET!

MAES is partnering with YEET to build the largest network of ultra-fast chargers for electric vehicles in Belgium. We will build 300 ultra-fast chargers for electric charging in the coming months/years. That would triple the current number. In three years’ time, most MAES fuel stations will have a YEET! fast charger, making MAES the first station network to respond on a large scale to the gradual shift to electric charging.

Ultra-fast e-fuelling

Electric driving is on the rise and was given an extra boost with the recent government decision to reform the tax regime of salary cars in favor of environmentally friendly driving. We currently have just under 8,500 publicly accessible charging points in Belgium. But of these there are only 110 fast chargers. Thanks to the deal between MAES and YEET, 300 to 350 ultra-fast chargers will be added. The number will depend on the need for loading capacity.

The aim is to be able to serve all electric drivers smoothly without waiting times. Yeet’s power stations have a capacity of 350 kW, which is a lot more than the 22 kW of the classic charging station. Very handy if you are on the road and want to top up quickly! yeet! had already signed a contract for the installation of some 100 power stations in Belgium, but with this deal it is bringing its share to 400 fast charging stations. This makes them the fastest growing operator of ultra-fast chargers in Belgium.

Close to the customer

The principle of every e-driver having his own charging station is practically not feasible. Not everyone has the option to charge at home, not everyone has a parking space or garage available. That is why we want to significantly increase the number of locations with public charging stations. The aim must be that the charging points are close by and that is the philosophy of MAES. Close to everywhere.

Hybrid Card

In addition to significantly increasing the number of charging stations, MAES has also included the Hybrid Card in its range of products since last year. With this handy card you can both refuel and recharge and soon also at our own charging stations. This is how we continue to look to the future to continue to serve every customer!

Press release:

Here you can read the press release about the announcement of the new charging stations.