Choose a fuel card: do’s-and-don’ts during your search

Do your employees often have to go on the road? Or are you looking for ways to tax your wage bill? Then the allocation of a company car is still an advantageous option. Most employers work together with a leasing company. And of course a fuel card also belongs to a company car. But how do you choose what card you want to pick? A few tips.

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A competitive market: take advantage of it

There are a lot of suppliers of fuel cards, so there is a healthy competitive battle and it’s hard to choose the right fuel card. And of course you, as a customer, have everything to gain. Compare as many offers as possible, and do not lose sight of the specific needs of your company:

Cover ratio: are there enough filling stations in the area?
Price: don’t you pay too much?
Service: isn’t there too much administrative inconvenience?
Quality: what is the added value of the supplier compared to other parties?

You do not have to choose between a high coverage and a nice price with our fuel card

In the past it was simple: either you opted for a fuel card linked to a wide network of gas stations (high coverage ratio), but then you had to accept a higher market price, or you went for a low price, but you risked your employees not always having a gas station nearby (low coverage ratio).

Today it’s both possible. At MAES we offer a particularly high coverage ratio thanks to our partner network. You can go to more than a 700 filling stations! And you really don’t have to pay much for that. We offer companies a standard discount on the official maximum price in Belgium. Is it lower in price at the pump? No problem, we only charge the lower pump rate. And private individuals receive an extra discount on the pump price, unless a high discount is already given. That way you are always assured of the lowest price.

Discover our gas stations in your area!

Go for ease of use

Many fuel card providers are not transparent about their pricing policy, often resulting in complicated invoices. Not with MAES. With us you always know what you’re up to. You get two invoices a month with all fuel costs, so the VAT for companies can be settled in one go. Handy!

Does this sound very interesting? Request your fuel card today!