Discover our the app of MAES now

We can finally present the brand new app of MAES. You can download it either from the App Store or Play store. From now on you can quickly find the nearest petrol station where you can refuel with the MAES fuel card. And even better, from now on you can, with a click of a button, release the pump and start refeuling. This way you can get back on the road even faster.

Stationfinder 2.0

The MAES app has all the features of our well-known station finder plus some extras! When you open the app, you immediately get an overview of our nearest locations where you can refuel on your mobile. You can consult all the available products and you will also immediately see the prices. Then you can immediately start the navigation with one click and start filling up when you’re there! At the moment you can only fill up via our app at our own stations plus a number of affiliated dealer stations, but with 300 locations we are usually close by!

Mobile refeuling now possible.

At the station you immediately get an overview of all available pumps, the app even takes your favorite product into account. Then you can immediately release the pump and refuel. So you no longer have to go through the terminal. Everything can now be done easily & quickly via the MAES app on your mobile.

 Add your fuel card to the app

Currently, mobile refueling via the app is only available to our fuel card customers. You can only refuel via the app with a MAES fuel card, but we have planned an update before the summer so that everyone with a bank or credit card can use our MAES App to refuel mobile.
How to download?

Via GSM you can easily click on the links below to go directly to the correct store to download the app.

But you can also easily find it by searching for “MAES Tankapp” in your store.