Request a fuel card for your car: what should you know?

A company car for your employees: in most cases that means also requesting a fuel card for everyone. But which fuel supplier does that best suit you? And does it matter much for which formula you choose? Hell yes. The difference is often not only in the price, but also in the service. Do you want to get the maximum on both domains? Then you are at the right place at MAES. A few arguments at a glance.

MAES tankkaarten

Our price when you request a fuel car for your car

The price is probably one of the first things you pay attention to when buying a product. And we can not blame you. Even when you apply for a fuel card, the price may be a decisive factor. Let’s start with the good news: at MAES, requesting a fuel card is completely free. Because we think that as an entrepreneur you already have enough costs. But that is by no means the case with all suppliers. You pay extra for most.

Where can I go with my fuel card?

Also not unimportant: you do not want to travel all over the country to use your fuel card. That is not only a waste of time, it is also extremely expensive. You are therefore better looking for a supplier with a dense network. Because every kilometer counts. MAES has, in addition to its own stations, an extensive network of more than 700 filling stations throughout Belgium. That way we are always close to you, and you profit from our favorable prices everywhere.

Service: what can you expect?

If you have a question or problem in the supermarket, you obviously want to be helped immediately. We think that something should also be possible when it comes to refueling. Our service, that’s what makes us a state affair. Tank card lost or stolen? Just contact MAES, and you have a new fuel card the next day. Faster can not!

MAES fuel cards also work as a real payment card and are a very practical way to manage and control your fuel expenses. Yes, that’s all possible online. On top of that there is no cost or a purchase obligation associated with the use of our fuel cards.

Convinced? Request the fuel card for your car quickly!