Travelling by car

Travelling by car

Dear customer,

Summer is coming and the exodus by car to the south can begin. Every year, many Belgians travel by car for the holidays. MAES will gladly give you some useful tips to start your journey well and safe

MAES network

Currently you can use your MAES fuel card in a network of more than 750 filling stations throughout the Benelux. With approximately 150 filling stations in the Netherlands and 25 in Luxembourg, our network is well represented abroad. so be sure to check out our stationfinder before departure or during the trip to see where you can fill up the car.

Safe on the road with MAES

It is always advisable to take your car to the garage before you start your journey. But you can also do some things yourself so that you can be sure that you can safely get on the road.

Check your car

Be sure to check whether your tires are not worn and whether the tire pressure is correct. Also check whether everything is up to standard with liquids, such as engine oil, brake fluid, ….

Do you notice that your shock absorbers or brakes no longer respond optimally? Then make an appointment with your garage mechanic to arrange everything before departure.

The journey itself

You will probably drive more miles than normally so make sure you can start your journey well rested. Try to stop regularly, so that you can take a break. This way you stay attentively in traffic. Before you leave, visit our website for even more useful tips to get to your destination safely.

Safe journey!

The MAES team.