These Terms of Sale apply to the use of MAES Mobility Card Mobility Services.

Article 1. Definitions

In these Conditions of Sale, the following terms, each indicated with a capital letter, shall have the following meanings:

Acceptor: acceptor of Cards and/or supplier of Mobility Services.

Service: the service of MAES relating to the management and financing of Mobility Services, including the provision of the Card.

Imagor: Imagor SA, a Belgian limited liability company, regulated and authorised by the National Bank of Belgium (avenue de Berlaimont 14, 1000 Brussels, Belgium) under registration number 161302 and authorised to issue electronic money, having its registered office at Pleinlaan 15, 1050 Brussels (Belgium), registered with the CBE under number 0461.328.436, RPM Brussels. Imagor’s licence can be verified at the following website: www.nbb.be;

Card: a prepaid payment card. The payment card is issued by Imagor at the request of MAES and distributed by MAES;

Card company: issuer of prepaid payment cards (‘Imagor’);

Cardholder: the natural person designated by the Customer who is entitled to use parts of the Service and who can use the Card to use Mobility Services;

Customer: the natural person acting in the exercise of a profession or business or the legal person who has entered into an Agreement with MAES for the purchase of the Service;

Management Platform: private area on the Website on which the Customer can view, manage and administer the use of the Mobility Services of the Cardholders;

Mobility Services: Services offered by the Acceptors;

Agreement: the customer agreement between Customer and MAES under which MAES provides the Service to Customer;

Product Description: the description on the website www.maesmobility.be with the specifications, operation and rates of the Card as included in the Agreement, among others;

Transaction: a payment or purchase of goods or services made with the Card;

Terms of Sale: these general terms and conditions, regardless of the form in which they are made known;

Pre-funded balance: a balance paid in advance by the Customer to Imagor, expressed in Euros, for use of the Mobility Services;

Web Portal: private area via www.maesmobility.be on which Cardholders can view their transactions and applicable settings;

Website: the website www.maesmobility.be;

MAES: ‘MAES NV’, registered with the Crossroads Bank for Enterprises under number 0429.995.654, having its registered office at Reedonk 12, 2880 Bornem and appointed as distributor of electronic money by Imagor nv.

Article 2. Application Conditions of Sale and Agreement

2.1 These Conditions of Sale shall apply to all offers and Agreements concerning the provision by MAES of the Services to or for the benefit of the Customer, whether made orally, in writing, electronically or in any other form. The Conditions of Sale shall also apply to any subsequent Agreements between MAES and the Customer, unless otherwise expressly agreed in writing.

2.2 All offers made by MAES are non-binding and may be revoked by MAES at any time prior to the conclusion of the Agreement. Agreements shall be established when MAES has accepted the Customer’s application by means of a written or electronic confirmation. MAES shall at all times be entitled to refuse a customer without giving reasons.

2.3 The Customer shall not be entitled to transfer the rights and obligations under the Agreement to a third party, unless otherwise expressly agreed in writing by the Customer and MAES.

Article 3. Services

3.1 During the term of the Agreement, MAES shall endeavour to provide the Services in accordance with the specifications included on the website www.maesmobility.be and the Conditions of Sale. The Conditions of Sale thus form part of the Agreement and shall apply to the provision of the Services and the Cards by MAES.

3.2 MAES shall endeavour to ensure that the Customer has access to the Management Platform and the Web Portal and that the Customer can use the Card to purchase Mobility Services from the Merchants. MAES and/or Imagor cannot be held liable for the actions or inactions of Merchants.

3.3 All delivery periods stated by MAES have been established to the best of its knowledge based on the data known to MAES at the time the period was issued. The one-time exceeding of a delivery period shall not cause MAES to be in default.

Article 4. Management Platform and Web Portal

4.1 As part of the Service, MAES provides the Customer with a URL of the Management Platform and the Web Portal, as well as an access code and password, which make the Management Platform and the Web Portal accessible to the Customer and/or the Cardholders.

4.2 Through the Management Platform, the Customer can manage the use of the Cards and the Mobility Services by itself and by the Cardholders. The Customer may also give Cardholders access to their own private area of the Management Platform (‘Web Portal’) using an access code and password. Cardholders can use this access to view their use of the Mobility Services. The access codes and passwords are strictly personal and must be kept confidential.

4.3 The Customer guarantees that they themselves, as well as the Cardholders, will only use the Management Platform and the web portal in the context of taking up the Service and for their own, internal use, and that they will comply with all additional guidelines and (sales) conditions. The Customer is liable for all use, and the costs thereof, made through the access codes and passwords of the Management Platform and the web portal assigned to the Customer and cardholders and is obliged to treat the access code(s) and password(s) with care and protect them from unauthorised use.

4.4 MAES does not guarantee the undisturbed use of the Management Platform and the Web Portal at all times.

Article 5. Application and use of Cards

5.1 Through the Management Platform, the Customer may apply to MAES for Cards for its Cardholders. To this end, the Customer shall fully complete the relevant application form.

5.2 During the application process and afterwards, additional documents and information may be requested from the Customer or Cardholder by MAES and/or Card Company.

5.3 The Customer warrants that it has verified the identity of each Cardholder in accordance with standard industry practices and applicable laws and remains in full compliance with all legal and regulatory requirements.

5.4 Following the formation of the Agreement between MAES and the Customer, MAES shall manufacture and send the Card to the Customer based on the data provided by the Customer, unless otherwise expressly agreed in writing. The Card is and shall remain the property of the Card Company.

5.5 The Card is valid for a period of sixty months, as stated on the Card, and the Card limits are set by the Customer at a maximum of EUR 5,000 (five thousand euros) per Card.

5.6 Imagor will make the balance on the Cards available immediately after the Customer has paid.

5.7 The Card is made available to the Cardholder by the Customer for the exclusive purpose of paying for the purchase of the Mobility Services.

5.8 If the Cards are not available when the order is processed, MAES will inform the Customer as soon as possible by telephone, e-mail or letter to let the Customer know when the Cards will be available. The Customer has the right to accept or refuse this new time limit. If he refuses, the order will be cancelled and payments already made will be fully refunded to the Customer.

5.9 The Card Company and/or MAES may/may revoke the Card of the Cardholder and the Customer if use is found to be inconsistent with the Agreement or these Terms of Sale, in case of fraudulent use or for the purpose of (non-)compliance with applicable laws. The Card Company and/or MAES may/may also refuse to issue or replace a Card if it is suspected that the Card is being used in an unauthorised or fraudulent manner.

5.10 The electronic money on the Card is loaded by the Customer and is the property of the Customer. The Cardholder will only be entitled to deduct amounts from the balance of the Card granted by the Customer.

5.11 The transfer of risk takes place at the moment the Cards are handed over to the Customer.

5.12 If the Customer notices on receipt of the Card that a Card is damaged, the Customer should contact the MAES service desk on the day of delivery. Through this procedure, the Customer will be able to request an exchange of the Card. Claims based on damaged Cards will only be accepted if made known to MAES on the day of delivery. All other claims relating to the purchase of the Card may be made within a maximum period of three months from the date of the order. The postal address is Reedonk 12, 2880 Bornem. All claims are forfeited after the expiry of this three-month period.

5.13 Card balances can only be returned by bank transfer to the Customer’s bank account known to MAES.

5.14 The Customer is fully responsible for the distribution of the Card(s) to the Cardholder(s).

5.15 The Client is fully responsible for preventing improper use of the Card(s) by the Cardholder(s) appointed by it. In case of misuse, the Customer shall inform MAES immediately.

Article 6. Payment Facility

6.1 The Card may be used by Cardholders in the areas as described in the table of charges annexed to the Agreement, for the purchase of products and services from Merchants, provided that such Merchants accept corporate Visa cards, the Card’s pre-funded balance is sufficient to carry out the Transaction with the Card and the Cardholder is authorised for such Transaction. The Card is not a credit card and no payments can be made with the Card until a pre-funded balance has been transferred to the Card by the Customer. Neither Imagor nor MAES grant the Customer or Cardholder any form of credit in the context of the Card or the Transactions. Pursuant to Article 77 §5 of the Act of 21 December 2009 on payment institutions and electronic money institutions, neither the Card nor the Pre-financed Balance are ‘repayable funds/deposits’ within the meaning of Belgian laws and regulations.

6.2 Cards are not transferable or usable by persons other than the Cardholders designated by the Customer and passed on to MAES. The Card is issued by the Card Company to the Customer and not directly to the Cardholders. The Card may only be used by the Cardholder and expires on the date indicated on the front of the Card. The Customer will automatically receive a new Card for that Cardholder prior to the expiry of the Card’s period of use, unless the Customer and/or Cardholder has notified MAES in writing that it wishes to discontinue the Cardholder’s use of the Card. Furthermore, the use of all Cards issued to the Customer shall be cancelled, without prejudice to other indication of the expiry date on the physical Cards issued to the Customer, if the Agreement is terminated on the ordinary termination date or in case of early termination of the Agreement. From the date of termination of the Agreement, all Cards issued to the Customer will be automatically blocked and Cardholders will no longer be able to use the Cards as a method of payment. The Cards may not be used for illegal activities. The Customer and the Cardholders must respect all laws and regulations, in all jurisdictions where the Card is used.

6.3 Imagor and/or MAES, acting as distributor of Imagor, may, without notice, suspend their services under the Contract and block the Card(s) issued to the Customer, in all the cases mentioned in article 6.2 of these Conditions of Sale. MAES and/or Imagor do not guarantee that the Card, the pre-funded balance and associated services can be used uninterruptedly and without failures.

Article 7. Mobility Services

7.1 Using the Card, the Client may order and purchase agreed Mobility Services from the Merchants (on behalf of the Cardholders).

7.2 The Client shall always enter into a Mobility Service agreement with the relevant Merchant by means of a Transaction.

Article 8. Provision of invoice

8.1 The amounts issued by the Customer for the Mobility Services purchased by itself and by its Cardholders, shall be invoiced to the Customer by MAES in the name of the respective Merchants.

8.2 Through the Management Platform, MAES shall provide the Customer with a monthly invoice. This invoice shall include the following amounts:

  • amounts spent for the purchased Mobility Services;
  • amounts due for the top-up of the Pre-funded Balance;
  • amounts due for the purchase of the Service.

For the determination of the invoice, the data from the records of MAES are leading.

Article 9. Obligations of the Customer

9.1 The Customer warrants that it will impose all the obligations contained in these Conditions of Sale on the Cardholder as well. Under no circumstances shall the Customer give any commitments or guarantees beyond those provided by MAES in the Agreement and the Conditions of Sale.

9.2 The Customer shall immediately communicate any complaints made by Cardholders in relation to the Cards to MAES in order to consult regarding the steps the Customer may take to settle the complaints.

9.3 The Customer shall not issue Cards to Cardholders whom it knows or suspects to be involved in fraudulent practices and it shall impose on the Cardholders the obligation to take the necessary measures to prevent theft, loss or damage to – or fraud with – the Cards.

9.4 The Customer shall ensure that all data and information required for the provision of the Services (including bank details and mutations thereof) are correct and complete and are provided to MAES or Imagor within the deadlines issued by MAES or Imagor and in the agreed manner and meet the agreed (technical) requirements.

9.5 The Customer guarantees that it has obtained all legally valid and required consents from the Cardholders for the use and transfer of their data and that this complies with all applicable privacy regulations in this regard.

9.6 The Customer shall promptly inform MAES of information requests from order employees, except where this would contravene a direct request from an authorised regulatory authority and/or result in a breach of anti-money laundering rules.

Article 10. Transactions and pre-funded balance

10.1 All transactions require the Cardholder’s consent. The Cardholder gives its consent using the personalised security features. Once consent has been given for a transaction, MAES can no longer block the release and payment of amounts to the Card Acceptor.

10.2 MAES may assume that, in accordance with the Customer’s consent, a Cardholder has given consent to the Transaction and that the Transaction is authorised if:

  • (a) the magnetic strip of the Card has been passed through a Card reader or the Card has been inserted into a chip reader or held against a chip reader (contactless); or
  • (b) the PIN code attached to the card has been entered into the card acceptor’s acceptance system; or
  • (c) relevant information has been provided to the card acceptor, on the basis of which the card acceptor can process a transaction or initiate a payment operation, for example by providing the CVC/CVV code to the card acceptor in the case of an internet transaction or any other transaction without the physical presence of the payer and payee.

10.3 In principle, a transaction is authorised on the basis of an electronic message via the network. The procedure for authorising the transaction by the Cardholder also includes a check of the pre-funded balance. If the pre-funded balance is insufficient, the transaction is not carried out. If the transaction results in a payment to the card acceptor without the pre-funded balance being insufficient, this generally means that no formal authorisation procedure has been carried out. In such cases, MAES will make every effort to cancel the transaction concerned and/or to ensure that the Card Acceptor makes a refund if the transaction has resulted in the payment of funds released to the Card Acceptor, except in the case of misuse of the Card by the Cardholder or in the case of theft of the Card and/or the personalised security and if such loss or theft has not been reported by the Customer and/or the Cardholder. In cases where the amount of the transaction cannot be recovered from the card acceptor, where there has been misuse of the card, loss or theft of the card and/or the personalised security, and this loss or theft has not been reported by the customer and/or the cardholder, the customer is liable, without limitation, for the loss suffered by MAES.

10.4 MAES shall carefully investigate any notification regarding an unauthorised Transaction. MAES shall at all times be entitled to block a Transaction authorised by a Cardholder. Blocking is possible in any case, based on:

  • (a) the security of the Card;
  • (b) the assumption of unauthorised or fraudulent use of the Card;
  • (c) if the use of the Card(s) and associated services is unlawful, illegal or unauthorised;
  • (d) the risk that the Customer is unable to fulfil his payment obligations from the use of the Card(s) or fails to replenish the pre-funded balance on time;
  • (e) in case of termination of the Agreement, whether or not prior to the expiry date and subsequent blocking of the Card(s);
  • (f) suspicion that the Customer is in breach of the Agreement and/or Terms of Sale;
  • (g) suspicion that the Cardholder is in breach of Agreement and/or Conditions of Sale applicable between Customer and MAES and/or the Agreement and/or Conditions applicable between the Customer and the Cardholder. MAES shall inform the Cardholder and the Customer as soon as possible of the blocking of the Card and the reasons for it, unless it violates objectively justified security reasons or is prohibited by other applicable laws.

10.5 The Pre-funded balance will be automatically replenished periodically up to the agreed card limit by direct debit from the bank account agreed with the Customer. The Customer hereby authorises Imagor, acting on behalf of MAES, and MAES to add a completed SEPA direct debit mandate to the Agreement and shall also ensure that sufficient funds are always available in the bank account from which the Pre-funded balance is to be replenished. If a direct debit becomes due because of insufficient funds, the Customer will be charged an administrative fee of EUR 5.00 (five euros) (without prejudice to the collection of any damages incurred).

10.6 MAES shall be entitled to withhold any amount due to it by the Customer on account of a negative balance on a Card issued to a Cardholder from the balance on the Card issued to another Cardholder and thereby offset this amount. Pre-funded balance is not considered as a deposit with Imagor earning interest. The amount of each Transaction and associated charges are deducted directly from the Pre-funded Balance.

10.7 If the Customer believes that an unauthorised or erroneous payment was set off against the Pre-funded Balance, for which he/she is entitled to request a refund, he/she must immediately and at the latest within thirty days, notify MAES of the relevant Transaction for direct debit. If the Customer does not fulfil the aforementioned obligation of notification within the time limits imposed, the right to a refund of unauthorised or wrongly executed payment shall irrevocably lapse. MAES has the right, during the period in which the Customer can exercise his right to a refund, to reserve the amount of the Transaction and not add it to the Pre-funded Balance, even if this means that certain Transactions cannot be carried out with the Cards.

10.8 The Pre-funded Balance represents the value of the electronic money circulating through the Card by the Cardholder(s), which can be used as a means of payment on behalf of the Customer. A claim by the Customer to convert electronic money within the meaning of Article VII.61 of Belgian economic law shall diminish proportionally after the electronic money has been used by the Cardholder for Transactions.

10.9 After termination of the Agreement, the Customer is automatically entitled to the conversion claim, as mentioned in Article VII.61 of Belgian economic law, for the amount of the pre-funded balance existing at that time. The amount of the Customer’s claim, to the exclusion of all other means, shall be proven by MAES’ records.

10.10 MAES shall be entitled to suspend payment to the Customer of the Conversion Claim for up to two months for the processing of the Transactions to be settled with the Pre-financed Balance.

Article 11. Intellectual property rights

11.1 The intellectual property rights to all Services (including also the Web Portal, Management Platform and the Cards) made available by MAES under the Agreement shall remain with MAES or with the third party from whom MAES has obtained the right to make (a part of) these Services available to the Customer. During the Agreement, MAES grants the Customer a non-exclusive and non-transferable right to use the Service within its own company and for the agreed purposes.

11.2 The Customer and the Cardholder do not acquire any right to use the intellectual property rights of MAES and/or the Card Company.

Article 12. Data Privacy

12.1 For the purposes of this clause, the words ‘data’, ‘data controller’ and ‘personal data’ have the meaning given to them in the Belgian legislation on

data protection.

12.2 The Customer and MAES are each independent data custodians of all personal data of Cardholders provided to each other in the context of the Agreement, the provision of the Service and the provision of the Card (‘Employee Data and Cardholder Data’). To shape this relationship, the parties shall enter into a controller-to-controller agreement.

12.3 Each party warrants to the other party that it:

  • (a) will comply with the Agreement, Controller-to-controller agreement and Terms of Sale and ensure compliance by its personnel;
  • (b) will use appropriate technical and organisational measures against unauthorised or unlawful processing of the Cardholder Data and Employee Data (as applicable) and against accidental loss or accidental destruction or damage of such Cardholder Data and Employee Data; and
  • (c) will not make any changes to its information security measures that increase the risk of unauthorised access to any of the Cardholder Data and Employee Data (as applicable), unless so required by Belgian applicable data privacy laws.

12.4 The Customer will ensure (among other things) that it has a valid processing basis for sharing personal data with MAES, so that MAES can fulfil its obligations under this Agreement.

12.5 The Customer confirms that Employee Data, in order to perform the Services covered by this Agreement, will be shared with Imagor and MAES and used to compile elements of Cardholder Data. Cardholder Data will be shared with Imagor, MAES and other third party service providers to administer the Cards and otherwise perform the Services under this Agreement.

Article 13. Fee and payment

13.1 For the provision of the Service, the Customer shall owe MAES the fees agreed in the Annex to the Agreement. All fees due to MAES are, as far as not explicitly stated otherwise, stated in euro, excluding VAT and other levies. MAES shall be entitled to demand from the Customer an advance payment of the fees due. MAES shall be entitled to annually index and additionally change the fees for the Service. This change shall be announced to the Customer in writing two months before its introduction.

13.2 The Customer shall be obliged to provide a (continuous) direct debit authorisation for all fees payable to MAES under the Agreement.

13.3 If the Customer chooses to pay the balance of the Card to a bank account, the Customer shall be charged EUR 20.00 (twenty euros) in administration costs.

Article 14. Imagor and MAES

14.1. Imagor is supervised as an electronic money institution regulated by the National Bank of Belgium. As an electronic money institution under the supervision of an authority in a Member State of the European Economic Area, Imagor is entitled under its licence to provide certain payment instruments, issue electronic money and issue and manage other means of payment in Belgium. In this regard, MAES was appointed by Imagor as a distributor of electronic money, which was reported as such to the National Bank of Belgium.

14.2 In relation to the Card, MAES acts only in relation to the Customer and not in relation to the Cardholders. The Customer as a non-consumer (within the meaning of applicable Belgian law) and MAES hereby expressly agree that the following provisions of Belgian economic law do not apply in their relationship, unless expressly stated otherwise in the Agreement and/or these Conditions of Sale: Article VII.4 to VII.26, Article VII.27 §3, Article VII.28, Article VII.34, Article VII.36 to VII.38, Article VII.41, Article VII.49 to 51 and Article VII.55 §1.

14.3 MAES and the Customer further agree that the provision relating to the content and delivery of the information to be given following Title III of the European Directive on Payment Services or the relevant provisions in Belgian law (implementing the aforementioned Directive) shall not apply in their legal relationship, unless expressly stated otherwise in the Contract.

14.4 In case of bankruptcy of MAES, Imagor will refund the electronic money to the Customer.

Article 15. Liability

15.1 The liability of MAES for attributable shortcomings or unlawful acts shall be limited to the amount to which the liability insurance of MAES gives claim in that particular case, to be increased by the amount of the deductible.

15.2 Should the liability insurance of MAES not provide coverage in any concrete case for any reason, or should the damage concerned not be covered by insurance, the liability of MAES shall be limited to at most an amount equal to the total remuneration charged by MAES to Customer for the purchase of the Service during a period of six months preceding the event from which the liability arises, with a maximum amount of EUR 20,000.00 (twenty thousand euros) per event, whereby a series of events shall be considered as one event.

15.3 Imagor and MAES shall not be held liable for the quality, security, legality or any other aspect of any Mobility Service paid for with the Card. Under no circumstances shall the liability of Imagor or MAES be invoked in relation to disputes with the Merchants.

15.4 MAES shall never be liable for trading losses, consequential losses or indirect losses, unless, they result from intent or gross negligence of MAES.

15.5 Should the Customer believe that the Service provided by MAES, or the amount charged for it, does not meet what the parties have agreed on, the Customer shall inform MAES in writing within 30 days after delivery, or within 30 days after the moment the Customer could reasonably have known of the shortcoming alleged by him.

15.6 Any claim for damages against MAES shall lapse, with the exception of those accepted by MAES, by the mere expiry of six months after the Customer discovered or reasonably should have discovered the damage.

Article 16. Confidentiality

16.1 For the duration of the Agreement and a period of five years after its termination, the parties undertake to keep confidential all confidential information they receive about (the business of) the other party. The parties shall also impose this obligation on their employees as well as on third parties engaged by them for the performance of the Agreement between the parties.

16.2 Information shall in any event be considered confidential from the moment it is designated as such by one of the parties.

16.3 Cardholder Data and Employee Data are always considered confidential, except in cases where any legitimate authority compels MAES or Imagor S.A. to do so.

Article 17. Suspension or refusal

17.1 MAES shall be entitled to suspend the performance of the Agreement in whole or in part if the Customer and/or the Cardholder fails to fulfil an obligation arising from the Agreement and/or the Conditions of Sale.

17.2 MAES reserves the right to suspend or refuse all orders by the Customer with whom there is already a dispute about a previous order, until this previous order has been paid, regardless of the method of order and/or payment. The same right remains reserved for cases where there is evidence that gives MAES reason to believe that MAES is obliged to suspend or refuse all orders under anti-money laundering legislation.

Article 18. Duration and termination

18.1 The Agreement shall be entered into for the term agreed between the parties, failing which a term of three years shall apply. Thereafter, the Agreement will always be automatically renewed for a term of one year, unless the Agreement is terminated by either party in writing at least six months before the end of the current term.

18.2 Each party shall be entitled to dissolve the Agreement out of court if the other party imputably fails to comply with essential obligations under the Agreement and, after having been given proper written notice of default, fails to remedy such failure within a reasonable period of time.

18.3 MAES shall be entitled to terminate the Agreement with immediate effect, without any notice of default being required and without MAES thereby becoming liable to pay damages to the Customer, if:

MAES has reasonable grounds for suspecting wrongful use of the Card and/or fraudulent conduct by the Cardholder;

  • the Customer is granted provisional or definitive suspension of payments;
  • statutory debt restructuring is declared applicable to the Customer;
  • the Customer’s bankruptcy has been filed for or is pronounced;
  • the Customer’s company is wound up or terminated. All this without prejudice to MAES’ right to compensation of the damage suffered by it due to the early termination of the Agreement.

18.4 Dissolution of the Agreement shall not release the Customer from any payment obligation in respect of Services already provided by MAES, unless MAES is in default in respect of a particular Service. Amounts invoiced by MAES before the dissolution in connection with what it has already performed or delivered in execution of the Agreement shall become immediately due and payable at the moment of dissolution.

18.5 MAES shall be entitled to terminate the (1.) Agreement with the Customer or the right of use of the Cardholder, and/or (2.) block and/or limit (partly) the access to the Service(s) if:

a Customer or Cardholder restricts or prevents the processing of personal data by MAES in any way, which includes the performance of the rights granted to data subjects by the AVG, from the moment the restriction takes effect; and
MAES has a reasonable ground to do so; and
the processing by MAES is necessary (1.) under a legal basis, or (2.) in performance of an agreement, or (3.) under a legitimate interest of MAES.

Article 19. Loss, theft or damage to the Card

19.1 The Customer and/or Cardholder must immediately notify MAES NC by telephone or via the Management Platform or Web Portal of any (suspected) loss, theft, damage or unlawful or unauthorised use of the Card or the personalised security features. In such a case, the Card will be blocked as soon as possible, making further use impossible.

19.2 The Customer and Cardholder are obliged to communicate in writing as soon as possible all information about a loss, theft or misuse of the Card and to provide all necessary cooperation in an investigation by Imagor, MAES or the police.

19.3 Neither MAES nor the Card Company will or can be held liable for theft, destruction, forgery, fraud or negligence after the transport has been completed and the Cards have been handed over to the Customer.

19.4 Reporting a lost or stolen Card will entail the immediate cancellation of the Card. A new Card will only be issued under the same conditions after prior approval by the Customer.

Article 20. Final provisions

20.1 If any clause in these Conditions of Sale is void or declared void, the other clauses of these Conditions of Sale shall continue to apply in full.

20.2 The Conditions of Sale may be amended by MAES. The modification shall be announced to the Customer through the Website or by other means. If the Customer does not wish to accept the change, it shall be entitled to terminate the Agreement in writing within 30 days of the announcement as of the date on which the change will take effect.

20.3 The offers, quotations, agreements and other legal acts concerning delivery by MAES of Services are governed by Belgian law.