Handy Milo-app

Parking with the Milo app …

With the Milo app you can quickly pay for your parking ticket at the touch of a button. A separate app for mobile parking is therefore a thing of the past.

Milo plans your day so that you are always on time, everywhere
Milo gives you up-to-date travel advice, taking into account your schedule, location, preferences and current traffic information. You can also find all connected petrol stations, parking garages, meeting locations, charging points and car wash addresses conveniently and quickly in the app. Milo then navigates you directly to it. Do you need a shared car or taxi? Milo can arrange an Uber, Ecab, mytaxi, Greenwheels, Drivenow or Flinkster for you.

Milo helps with smart declarations
No more problems with the manual processing of receipts. The Milo app clearly shows all your transactions from your MAES Mobility Card and offers the possibility to add a cost center, customer name or private / business listing here.

All the benefits of the Milo app
Milo plans and provides information on the go

  • Helps with planning all your (travel) appointments, in accordance with your agenda
  • Look at parking garages, meeting locations, petrol stations, charging points and car wash addresses and immediately navigate to them
  • You will receive a message when you change your route based on current traffic information
  • Compare your travel time between taking the car and the train

Milo arranges and pays for mobility.

  • Parking sessions conveniently start and stop at the touch of a button
  • Direct and easy use of national and international taxi services
  • Clear insight into your transactions and the possibility to categorize them as private, business or residential or at customer name / cost center
  • Direct booking and paying for international train journeys
  • Buy M-tickets from “De Lijn”

Milo gives insight and answers all your questions

  • Direct insight into your current Mobility budget
  • Get in direct contact with the service desk
  • Chat function for all your questions
  • Pass on your mileage
  • Request your PIN number and change your password

Available in 4 languages ​​(Netherlands, English, French & German)

Download Milo for free
The milo app is free but can only be used by MAES Mobility card holders. In addition, the milo app only shows the mobility options that your employee has registered for.

My privacy
Milo provides advice based on data that you share with the app or to which you have the app’s permission. This data is not recorded or shared with third parties and Milo has no track function to find out where you have been.

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