MAES network expands to Luxembourg

Dear Customer,

At MAES we are continuously working at expanding our network, so that you can go anywhere with your MAES fuel card. That’s why we are now expanding our network with 25 Esso service stations in Luxembourg, where you can use your MAES fuel card. Please note that if you refuel abroad, we always charge the net pump price without discount

At this moment you can visit our network of more than 700 service stations throughout the Benelux. And be sure to follow us because at MAES we are always looking to expand our brand.

Luxembourg VAT scheme

Because we are again crossing the national borders with our network, we would like to give you a reminder on the information about the VAT. MAES now has a Luxembourgian VAT number. As a result, we will prepare the invoices from your refuelling in Luxembourg with that VAT number.

This VAT can be recovered online via Intervat / VatRefund. You can always contact us if you need any help or information about this and we will gladly help you along.


To easily find all of our locations in the Benelux you can always use our stationfinder. All of the new locations in Luxembourg are already uploaded and ready.

With our stationfinder you can easily find the nearest service station, it allows you to quickly select in our products and it’s easy to install.

When installed you can easily find the service station you need with one tap on your screen. If needed, the app will navigate you directly towards the station. Handy!