Use your OBU for the Liefkenshoektunnel

Dear Customer,

As a customer of MAES, business partner of Satellic, you can now activate your OBU to drive past the toll gates without any delay.

Upon arrival, an antenna automatically registers your OBU after which the barrier opens, the light turns green and you can continue your journey easily.
Moreover, you enjoy the lowest toll rate with your OBU! You can always consult the rates of the Liefkenshoek tunnel here.

That means that you no longer have to search for your card, or even stop at the tollbooth. That makes it simple and convenient. The payment of the toll will be done in the same manner as the kilometre charging system. Afterwards, the invoice can be downloaded via the Road User Portal from Satellic. For more information about the entrance of the Liefkenshoek tunnel with your OBU, visit our website.

MAES Station finder.

Did you know that MAES has recently expanded its network of service stations that you can use with your MAES fuel card? Almost 700 stations in the Benelux and we are planning to expand even further. More information about the MAES fuel card can be found on our new website and an overview of all stations can easily be found via our stationfinder.