Refuelling at Octa+ with MAES fuel card

With the MAES fuel card for companies, you always fill up at an advantageous price, whether you are using trucks, vans or other commercial vehicles. Where exactly do you do that? You can use it at Octa+, among other places! Of course, you can also use your OCTA+ fuel card at all MAES locations!

OCTA+ stations at your disposal with your MAES fuel card

With the MAES fuel card, you refuel at all OCTA+ filling stations as well as at a total of 1,700 stations in the Benelux. Thanks to our extensive partner network, you always refuel close to you. MAES, meanwhile, took over the OCTA+ stations and coloured them SHELL, ESSO & MAES. But you can still find about 10 OCTA+ stations and you can always use your MAES fuel card here!

What makes the Octa+ fuel card so special?

The Octa+ fuel card is not just any fuel card; it is a passport to a world of convenience and efficiency. With this fuel card, you can fill up at an extensive network of Octa+ + filling stations, spread across Belgium and beyond. Whether you are on your way to work, on holiday or just out for a drive, Octa+ is always nearby to fuel your vehicle.

How to apply for the fuel card to refuel at Octa+?

Applying for the fuel card to refuel at Octa+ is quick and easy. Visit our website, fill in the application form and soon you will receive your personal Octa+ fuel card by post. The only thing left to do is to enjoy the many benefits the card has to offer.

MAES benefits, also when you fill up at Octa+.

With as many as 1,700 stations at your disposal, you will always fill up nearby – and Octa+’s 150-plus stations certainly contribute to that!
Moreover, that’s not even the only advantage of the MAES fuel card…
– Always a favourable fuel price
– Convenient online management module
– Transparent invoice twice a month

On the MAES site, you can find a lot of important information around fuel cards.

Use the links below to navigate quickly and easily to the page you want!

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Self-employed Tank Card – MAES Tankkaart
Esso Tankcard – Shell Tankcard – MAES App


Refuelling at OCTA+ with MAES

Do you like refuelling at an OCTA+ station and are you often on the road? Via the handy station finder, you can easily filter by brand and immediately see the nearest OCTA+ station. Just click and you can immediately navigate and refuel via your mobile phone! Besides OCTA+, you can of course also go to MAES, Texaco, ESSO+, G&V, Shell, PMO,… Via MAES you always have a filling station nearby!

Are you self-employed and would you like to refuel at OCTA+?

Are you self-employed as a secondary activity, a limited company or a partnership? Regardless of your specific situation, the MAES fuel card for the self-employed gives you a host of benefits. You and/or your staff always fill up at a competitive price at all OCTA+ filling stations. Moreover, the MAES fuel card for the self-employed is easy to manage online. Ready for administrative simplification, financial benefits and time savings? Apply for your fuel card now, free of charge and without obligation.

Apply for a fuel card

Do you enjoy filling up at OCTA+ and want to benefit from the many advantages of a MAES fuel card for professionals? Apply for them in a few simple steps:

– Enter the desired number of fuel cards and your VAT number
– Complete and confirm your details
– Click on the confirmation you receive by e-mail
– Receive your fuel card(s) after three to five working days (if our credit check was positive)

After you receive your card(s), you can easily personalise your code so you never forget it. You can change your PIN at any petrol station on the MAES network.
Want to apply for a fuel card, but no idea which one exactly? Discover the tips on our blog to make your choice easier.