Advantages of fuel cards - Discover all the advantages of fuel cards

If you are still in doubt whether you should apply for a fuel card for yourself, your business or staff, we are happy to list all the benefits of a fuel card here. We would also like to give you a few things that you should pay attention to before you take the plunge. 

Discover all the benefits of our different fuel cards

A fuel card has several advantages and is really a must as a company or self-employed person to reduce your paperwork!

  •  Convenience: You don’t need to have cash or a bank or credit card with you to refuel;
  • ·         Tax advantage: A major advantage of a fuel card is that you receive a VAT invoice periodically (usually twice a month), so that you can always correctly settle the VAT paid. In addition, we always try to set a sharp and competitive pump price. That way you never pay too much!
  • ·         Deferred payment: You do not have to pay immediately when you fill up. So you can refuel in the month without any worries, when your tank is empty and you only have to pay for it at twice a month. 
  • ·         Budgeting: You can better manage your fuel costs by setting limits on the amount of fuel you can buy or by blocking certain locations where you don’t want to fill up.
  • ·         Simplified administration: No more keeping and entering receipts. A fuel card ensures that this is always done for you. At MAES you will then receive a clear invoice twice a month where you can easily follow up on what you have refueled yourself or what your staff have refueled. In addition, MAES also gives you access to a handy online portal where you immediately get a clear and well-arranged picture of your consumption. The payments are also offered automatically via direct debit, so once you have a fuel card you don’t have to do anything else.
  • ·         Multi-brand fuel card: Once you want to take the next step, it is important to see where you can use your fuel card everywhere. There are certainly fuel cards where you can only refuel at one station, but they are not that attractive. So you will always have to look for where you can go. With the MAES fuel card you immediately have a network of 1,700 stations spread throughout the Benelux. This way you always have a gas station around the corner. In addition, with the MAES fuel card you can also use the handy MAES App, so you can immediately see where you can go and you can use the app to release the pump.
  • ·         Free application: With some fuel cards you are immediately attached to a fixed cost per month or per application. But you can request the MAES fuel card for free and there are no small letters or fixed costs involved. You just have to pay what you have fueled! If you don’t fill up for a month, nothing will be deducted from your account.


 Which MAES fuel card is right for me?

At MAES we also have different fuel cards, discover here which type of fuel card is best for you.

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