Expansion MAES network - Acquisition Desimpel Energy Group

Dear Customer,

At MAES you already enjoy a large network of more than 700 service stations where you can use our MAES fuel card. We are also constantly expanding our own network and can therefore proudly announce that we have taken over the service stations from Desimpel Energy Group.

This is an addition of 19 service stations located in East and West Flanders with 3 associated shops. Together with our new MAES station in Nieuwerkerken we bring our own network of service stations to 122.

Acquisition Desimpel Energy Group

Brugge Desimpel Pathoekeweg 122B 8000 Brugge
De Panne Desimpel Veurnestraat  358 8660 De Panne
Desselgem Desimpel Nieuwstraat 204 8792 Desselgem
Destelbergen  Desimpel Laarnebaan  1 9070 Destelbergen
Diksmuide Desimpel Kaaskerkestraat 152 8600 Diksmuide
Eernegem Desimpel Oostendsesteenweg  186 8480 Eernegem
Gentbrugge Desimpel Hundelgemsesteenweg  319 9050 Gentbrugge
Gits Desimpel Bruggesteenweg 136 8830 Gits
Kortemark Desimpel Staatbaan 28 8610 Kortemark
Kortrijk Desimpel Noordstraat 62 8500 Kortrijk
Merelbeke Desimpel Guldensporenlaan  13 9820 Merelbeke
Roeselare Desimpel Iepersestraat 616 8800 Roeselare
St-Eloois Winkel Desimpel Rollegemkapelsestraat 33 8880 Sint-Eloois Winkel
St-Martens Latem Desimpel Kortrijksesteenweg  188 9830 St-Martens Latem
Vleteren Desimpel Veurnestraat  40 8640 Vleteren
Wetteren Desimpel Oosterzeelsesteenweg  61 9230 Wetteren
Woumen  Desimpel Woumenweg  252 8600 Woumen
Zarren Desimpel Staatsbaan 215A 8610 Zarren
Zedelgem Desimpel Diksmuidse Heirweg 3 8210 Zedelgem

You can always find the nearest service station with our stationfinder. 

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