Expansion AdBlue - CNG

Dear Customer,

The importance of AdBlue continues to grow and not just for trucks. With many new diesel engines for passenger cars, it is now also necessary to add AdBlue to make the car cleaner and thus meet the emission standards.

This is why we at MAES are going to significantly increase our rang of AdBlue locations at our own stations. We are not only looking at locations for trucks but are also going to place more pumps for passenger cars.

At this moment you can already find AdBlue at more than 100 locations in our network. Very recently we have included following locations where you can refuel with both your truck and your car. 

Aartselaar Esso   Kontichsesteenweg 64 2630 Aartselaar
Belsele Esso Nieuwe Baan 2 9111 Belsele
Brasschaat Esso Kapelsesteenweg 78 2930 Brasschaat
Emblem Esso Oostmalsestenweg 108 2520 Emblem
Heist-Op-Den-Berg Esso Liersesteenweg 265 2220 Heist-Op-Den-Berg
Mortsel Esso Krijgsbaan 214 2640 Mortsel
Sint-Job-In’t Goor Esso Eikenlei 71 2960 Sint-Job-In’t-Goor
Sint-Katelijne-Waver MAES  Liersesteenweg 143 2220 Heist-Op-Den-Berg
Wijnegem Esso Krijgsbaan 124 2110 Wijnegem
Willebroek Esso Mechelsestenweg 566 2830 Willebroek
Wilrijk Esso Boomsesteenweg 28 2610 Wilrijk

During the month of june we will install another 6 installations: Dessel, Kielsbroek, Steenokkerzeel, Tervuren, Wolvertem and Zoutleeuw.

You can find all of our locations for AdBlue here

Expansion CNG network

At MAES we always try to offer our customers a wide range of possibilities in conventional fuels, diesel and petrol, as well as alternative fuels such as CNG. Natural gas (CNG) is not only more environmentally friendly than diesel and therefore better for the health. It is also cheaper and provides an equally good driving experience.

That is why we are about to double the locations in our network where you can refuel CNG. From now on it is possible to refuel with CNG with your MAES fuel card at more than 40 locations in the Benelux. Go to our stationfinder to find all of our service stations with CNG.

In our existing network of CNG locations we added the following locations:

Alphen Aan Den Rijn Pitpoint Gouwelandenlaan 18 2408 ZG Alphen Aan Den Rijn
Arnhem Pitpoint Westervoortsedijk 71 6827 AV Arnhem
Arnhem Papenkamp 3 6836 BC Arnhem
Beverwijk Gulf Flevoland 15 1948 RH Beverwijk
Born Pitpoint Holtum noordweg 117 6121 RE Born
Breda Esso Zwijnsbergenstraat 7 4834 JN Breda
Cuijk Shell Beersebaan 1 5431 SR Cuijk
Emmen Esso Hondsrugweg 20 7811 AE Emmen
Groningen Pitpoint Rouaanstraat 57 9723 CC Groningen
Haarlem Pitpoint Minckelersweg 21 2031 EM Haarlem
Middelburg Shell Roozenburglaan 236 4337 JL Middelburg
Moerdijk Total  Zuidelijke randweg 3 4761 RN Moerdijk
Nes Pitpoint Achterdijken 80 9163 JV Nes
Oss Pitpoint Singel 1940/1945 320 5348 PV Oss
Rosmalen BP Molenstraat 9 5242 HA Rosmalen
Rotterdam Tamoil Boezembocht 14 3044 KA Rotterdam
Schiphol Total Westelijke randweg 1 1118 CR Schiphol
Tegelen Total  Venloseweg 106 5931 GV Tegelen
Zoetermeer Pitpoint Argonstraat 18x 2718 SM Zoetermeer
Zoeterwoude Esso Burgemeester smeetsweg 2 2382 PJ Zoeterwoude

LNG network

In addition to CNG, we also offer LNG in our network. You can now refuel LNG in the following locations:


Kallo Drive Systems      Steenlandkaai 3 9130 Kallo
Tankterminal Lokeren    Dijkstraat 9 9160 Lokeren

We Are Transport

On June 1st, 2nd & 3rd, the first edition of the B2B trade fair “We Are Transport” will take place, organized by FEBIAC and Transport & Logistics Flanders. This fair will be the place to be for transporters and fleet managers and is aimed at professional visitors from the transport world from Belgium and neighbouring countries.

With MAES we are represented with a stand at this fair and you too can attend! You only have to follow this link, fill in the requested information and you will immediately receive your free invitation.