Refueling at MAES as a private individual?

As a private individual, you can always visit our own petrol stations at MAES for a quality refueling at a competitive price. In addition to our own MAES branded 100 petrol stations, we manage another 200 petrol stations under the brands ESSO & SHELL. At every location we guarantee a well-maintained station where you can always go for an excellent price.

Always a location near you

When you fill up at MAES you can be sure that you get a good price and on top of that a high-quality product. As a private individual you often refuel in the same station in your area, but if you are on the road, you can rest assured that we at MAES strive to offer the same excellent service everywhere at our stations!

Smart Reporting

Do you not have a fuel card but would you still like an invoice or an overview? Then Smart Reporting is the ideal product for you. If you do not have a fuel card and you fill up with your debit card, you can now also receive an invoice quickly and easily. No more loose tickets and hours of work to get everything in order.

Smart Reporting can be used by anyone, whether you are a customer or not. You only need your debit card or credit card to register. After registration you will receive a monthly invoice by e-mail. Here you get a nice overview of all your transactions. So it works like a regular fuel card. Via your account you can also easily check all your transactions, add cards and change your details.

Refueling at MAES will soon be even easier via the brand new MAES APP!

At MAES we are currently developing our MAES app, which we want to launch this year. The MAES app will ensure that you can easily choose the pump via your smartphone, make the payment and start the refueling. You only have to get out to put the pump in your car.

In addition, our app will of course also include our handy station finder, so you can always find the nearest MAES gas station where you are always sure of a competitive price. One push of a button and your smartphone shows you the way!

Finally, as a private individual you will also be able to save points per refueling. All these points provide free liters, easy right? Do you often refuel at MAES? In addition to our high-quality products at a competitive price, we will also give you free liters, what more could you want?


I put my card in the money slot

Usually your card will come out after a few minutes. If not, it is best to call card stop. Your card will be blocked for your safety and you will receive a new one. Our machine will disable your card for your safety.

I put money in the machine and I couldn’t fill for the entire amount.

Sometimes it can go wrong when paying or refueling. If you had this problem, you can always let us know via the complaint form. There you can leave all information and we will reviewed it and get back to you asap.

Money has gotten stuck in the machine, now what?

Please contact us as soon as possible. This way we can quickly send a technician to solve this problem. Otherwise, it can also cause problems for the following customers. While on the phone you can immediately leave your details with which we can then refund the lost amount.

What other fuel cards are accepted at MAES?

MAES works together with a range of partners, which enabled us to expand our fuel card network to 1,700 stations in the Benelux. This means that you can of course also fuel at MAES with these partners’ cards. Via our stationfinder you can see which cards are accepted where.

The ticketpaper ran out, what now?

If you wanted to print a ticket and the paper ran out, you can always email or contact us. We can then do the necessary for you. Be sure to provide the station location as well so that we can fix this for other customers as soon as possible.

Can I request camera images from MAES?

You cannot request camera images via us. Our stations have camera security, but for privacy we can only give it to the police. We can of course check this for you if you have lost something we do not provide number plates or personal descriptions. For this you must first file a complaint to the police.

I have suffered damage at a gas station, what now?

You can always contact us with all information (damage photos, petrol stations address, date & time) and we will see what we can do for you as soon as possible.

I caused damage at one gas station, what now?

An accident can always happen. If you contact us we can look for a solution together.

How are prices set at the gas stations?

Prices depend on a variety of factors. These are of course driven by the official price, but also have an influence of competition and region. But rest assured, MAES always tries to give the best possible price!

Where can I go for a car wash at MAES?

We have a car wash at some of our stations, which is almost always managed by a third party. Here you can find all locations.

At which stations outside of MAES can I still go with a MAES fuel card

With MAES you are assured of a growing fuel card network of already 1700 petrol stations in the Benelux. We ourselves have about 300 stations under our own management and this under the colors MAES, OCTA +, DESIMPEL, SHELL & ESSO. The latter 2 brands also have stations managed by colleagues. But you can always go here with your MAES card. You can also refuel at TEXACO, G&V, PMO, FIREZONE, DE HAAN,…. There will always be a station near you with the MAES fuel card!

Which stations have a shop?

On this page you can always find the locations of our petrol stations with a shop.

Where can I fill up with gas oil?

With our handy stationfinder you can easily see where you can go for Gas oil. Just filter on the product and you will see the nearest stations

Where can I fill up with petroleum

With our handy stationfinder you can easily see where you can go for Petroleum. Just filter on the product and you will see the nearest stations

Where can I refuel LPG?

With our handy stationfinder you can easily see where you can go for LPG. Just filter on the product and you will see the nearest stations

Where can I buy gas bottles?

You can go to our head office in Bornem for Gas cylinders, please contact us and we will help you immediately.

At what service station am I?

If you can’t figure out where you are or where, you can always provide us of a city, a streetname with number by mail or the contact page and we will help you!

My card is blocked in the machine, what should I do?

Please contact us and we will help you on!

I have received a credit voucher, how should I use it?

Your voucher remains valid for 60 days at the issuing station. To use it, tap on the screen and select refueling, enter your fuel and pump number and then credit note,  enter your code and you can refuel.

What exactly is E5, E10 or B7?

From 12 October 2018, all service stations in the EU will have to put new fuel labels on their pumps. These labels are the same across Europe and should make it easier to know what to fill up. In addition to the labels on the pumps, these also appear on the new vehicles (in the maintenance booklet and in the fuel filler flap) to show which fuel to use to avoid problems.

  • Petrol types: The petrol types have a round shape with the letter “E” followed by a number. The number after the “E” represents the maximum percentage of biocomponents that may be incorporated. These biocomponents are added to reduce CO2 emissions. For example, Euro 95 will be designated E10 and Super 98 will become E5.
  • Diesel types: The diesel types get a square shape with the letter B, which does not stand for Petrol, so do not get caught here. But represents the maximum percentage of specific biodiesel components that may be incorporated. The XTL indicates that the fuel is synthetic and is not made from crude oil.
  • Gaseous fuels: For gaseous fuels, the label is diamond-shaped.

To avoid confusion, the old product names on the pumps are not going to disappear immediately.

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