CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) is a natural gas that mainly consists of methane. This gas is compressed to 200 to 250 bar. It can be a more sustainable alternative to traditional fuels such as petrol and diesel, although the main focus here is on emissions and not the entire process. The worldwide supply of this gas is still very large compared to traditional fuels and more importantly, the exhaust emissions are much cleaner than with a petrol or diesel engine.

In recent years, CNG has also been a cheaper alternative for refueling, but thanks to rising gas prices, the latter is no longer the case.

Difference CNG with other fuels

The big difference with traditional fuels is of course that CNG is gaseous compressed natural gas and that the emissions are less polluting. Another well-known acronym that can sometimes cause confusion with CNG is LPG. LPG is liquefied petroleum gas. Both can be used as a more sustainable fuel. In this article we take a closer look at the difference between CNG and LPG.

Advantages CNG

  • Lower consumption & CO2 emissions;
  • 75-95% less particulate matter emissions;
  • 90% less nitrogen oxides in emissions;
  • Most also have a petrol tank, so you can also drive on petrol if necessary;
  • Engine wears less when using CNG;
  • High range, so you can go far with it;
  • Cheaper fuel. The latter has certainly been the case in recent years, but there has been a decline since the higher gas prices.

Cons CNG

  • The car is more expensive to purchase;
  • You also have to pay more road tax;
  • CNG is sometimes more expensive than petrol or diesel because of the link with the price of natural gas;
  • The network of refueling locations is smaller than that of traditional fuels..

How to fill up with CNG?

Filling up with CNG can be compared to filling up a classic car. Here too there is a filling opening, you use a hose and gun. These look different, but the operation is similar. Attaching and detaching the gun is easy, and it also takes about the same amount of time to fill up your car.

CNG Refueling nearby

At MAES we have a number of CNG locations, with our MAES fuel card you can enjoy a larger network of CNG locations.

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