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You can refuel AdBlue® in many MAES service stations. Even with your passenger car you can now visit a number of our service stations. Click on our station finder, filter on AdBlue and find the nearest station.

What is AdBlue®?

AdBlue® is a fluid that is needed by the new generations of diesel engines to achieve the emission standards. From 2014 all new trucks had to comply with the stricter Euro 6 standard and as of 2017 also the most diesel passenger cars. AdBlue® is necessary to meet those standards.

AdBlue consists of 32.5% pure urea and 67.5% demineralised water and is used to convert most of the NOx emissions into water vapor and nitrogen. However, these substances are not harmful to people and the environment.

How does AdBlue® work?

In order to meet the stringent requirements of the new diesel engines, most manufacturers of diesel engines opted for the SCR system (Selective Catalytic Reduction).

The principle of SCR is very simple. When the exhaust gases leave the engine, an ammonia-containing liquid will be injected into the exhaust. This liquid, AdBlue, causes a chemical reaction of the exhaust gases in the combination with high temperature. This will reduce NOx emissions by 70 to 95%. And you also save fuel.

Where can you find AdBlue®?

Through our handy station finder you can easily select AdBlue for cars and trucks. You can also buy it in a bag or container (5l-10l) in the shops.

We can also supply AdBlue at your business. If you are interested in this option, please check out our AdBlu Proximity option.

When do you have to refill AdBlue?

When your dashboard gives the signal that it is time to refill AdBlue you can still continue driving, but it is best to fill in AdBlue at the next refueling. Do not wait until you are without AdBlue because in that case your vehicle will not start anymore. If the tank is (almost) empty, you must refill at least 4 liters.

Where can you find the AdBlue reservoir?

It is important to mention here that AdBlue is not an additive for diesel. This means that you can never simply pour this into your fuel tank. The AdBlue has its own reservoir and filler cap, depending on the car, the filler cap is located in different places:

  • In addition to the filler cap of the diesel
  • In the trunk
  • Under the hood

The reservoir usually has a blue cap, this to avoid the confusion with the diesel reservoir. In doubt, you can always look in the manual of the car or ask your garage mechanic.

If you refuel at the pump, be sure to press the nozzle well as shown below.

Press in the AdBlue nozzle well!



Are extra precautionary measures necessary for heavy cold or for a car that has been stationary for months?

AdBlue crystallizes at -11 degrees Celsius. But a car parked at such temperatures does not require extra attention for AdBlue. This is because the manufacturers are obliged to place an automatic heating system in their engines so that the AdBlue liquefies within 20 minutes after starting the car and can therefore be active from that moment.

AdBlue itself has a lifespan of more than one year, but it is advisable to empty the reservoir and to renew the product if the car has stood still for several months or barely has driven during that period.

AdBlue® Passenger Cars

In view of the importance of AdBlue in recent years, MAES added many AdBlue locations. Often people ask to refill their AdBlue at the annual check at the garage, or as soon as the indicator light goes on, simple right? It is certainly easy, but also expensive. And actually refilling yourself is not difficult at all and more important it’s cheaper!

At MAES we already ensure that you can buy AdBlue in bottles in all our stores, you could buy this in 3l, 5l and 10l. For trucks you could find this at a large number of locations of our stations. But given that more and more diesel AdBlue is needed, we at MAES also ensure that you can now fill up your AdBlue reservoir at a number of locations with your passenger car at the pump. We will continue add locations, so you can easily even top up the AdBlue® after refueling your diesel!

AdBlue Trucks

Since AdBlue for trucks has been needed for some time and a truck also has to top up more, we already have a large number of locations where you can go for AdBlue for your truck. We will also continue to expand this number of locations!

Did you know that we also have a special version of AdBlue with OptiSpray?

A number of manufacturers also recommend a special variant for their engines, namely OptiSpray. This product is recommended by some suppliers for their engines and also applies to diesel engines where there is a low average load on the engine, driving behavior with a lot of “stop-and-go” and a high level of idling.

We do not have this product at our service stations but can always have it delivered. For more information, you can always visit our AdBlue Proximity page.

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Can I order AdBlue® and have it delivered to my company?

Yes, you at MAES you can go for various options to order and have your AdBlue® delivered, take a look here for more information!

At which service stations can I find AdBlue®?

You can obtain AdBlue® from a number of stations. Via our stationfinder you can easily select by product, including AdBlue® for passenger cars or trucks

Can I fill up with a passenger car wherever there is AdBlue®?

No, at some stations only AdBlue® for trucks is available. Just go through our stationfinder and select AdBlue for passenger cars to find your desired product.

Can I obtain AdBlue® in the shop?

In our shops you can always find AdBlue® in cans. But some of our stations also have this at the pump. Take a look at our stationfinder for the locations

Can I order and collect AdBlue® in bulk

Yes, you can go to MAES for various options to order, take a look here for more info!