Which type of gasoil should I choose.

If you are looking for a gas oil supplier, you will notice quickly that there is not just 1 type of gas oil. At MAES you have regular gas oil, gas oil extra and then gas oil plus. What is the difference and especially what is the best option for you?


Ordinary gas oil or heating oil already has some advantages. It is an economical and safe product. But why should I opt for fuel oil plus or fuel oil extra?

Gas oil Extra has the same strong properties as regular fuel oil, but thanks to a few additives it has a “cleaner” combustion, that is to say less black smoke and less chance of a clogged filter. It also has a lower sulfur content which is better for the environment and is suitable for all types of boilers. And our gas oil extra is also winter-resistant down to -20 ° C, so it is extremely suitable for above-ground tanks and for all engines and machines that have to go through the winter without protection from the cold. No more anticoagulant additive needs to be added, this product is ready for use from the refinery.

In addition, you also have Gas oil plus or heating oil plus. Thanks to an extra additive package, it ensures an even better efficiency of your installation, which means that you will consume less and thus save costs. And because of the improved combustion process and better lubrication due to the additional additives, heating oil plus also ensures lower maintenance costs.