Inflate your tires at MAES!

You can find tire blowers at many of our stations (+140!). Ideal to quickly inflate the tires if they are a bit flatter. Tire pressure should be checked regularly, it is of course safer but also more economical if your tires have the correct pressure.

importance of tire pressure

When you drive around with the right tire pressure, you drive much more economically. The tires then have less contact surface with the road, which means that the friction will decrease, which ensures that fuel consumption will also decrease. Most car and/or tire manufacturers still recommend checking the tire pressure once a month, especially when you travel by car or have to transport a heavy load.

Cooperation with AirServ

The tire blowers at our stations are there due to a collaboration with AirServ. They ensure that you can go to a large number of locations to inflate your tires. To provide for the placement at so many locations and to maintain it well, they always ask one Euro to use the blazers.

Other facilities at the MAES stations

In addition to the tire blowers and the range of products, a large number of gas stations also have a shop and some locations also have a car wash!