Some tips for a low-hanging sun

Everyone on the road exerpienced it. A low-hanging sun that shines directly in your eyes when you’re on the road. It can be extremely dangerous, but these simple tips below, will keep it safe for yourself and also for others on the road.

Laaghangende zon

In both spring and autumn, the sun can stand very low in clear weather and on top of that it can shine very brightly. This can certainly cause problems in the morning or evening, you can get blinded momentarily if you have the sun directly in front of you. As a result, it’s tricky to see oncoming traffic or, for example, crossing pedestrians. According to police figures, there are 2 accidents per day due to glare from the sun! For us, these are 2 accidents too many, so we thought we would bundle some tips together for you.

Sunglasses in the car against a low-hanging sun

Most people always have one in the car and it is also recommended by mobility organization VAB, but be sure to put a good pair of sunglasses in the car. Preferably one with good UV protection or better yet, with polarizing lenses. For your own safety and that of other road users, the sunglasses in the car should be of some quality.

Use your sun visor

You can also always use the built-in sun visor of your car, but this also reduces the visibility range of your window, so you can see less. Another good tip is to adjust your car seat correctly so that the sun visor is placed correctly.

Clean windows

Dirty windows make it more dangerous on the road. Especially in combination with bright light, these often become very opaque. So regularly wash the inside of your windshield as well. For the outside you can of course use your washer fluid & wipers. For this you must of course always be sure that there is enough spray liquid in the car and that the wipers also work correctly. If they are worn out, it is best to replace them as soon as possible.

Adjust speed

If you are still bothered by the sun, be sure to adjust your speed. If you are not too bothered by the sun yourself because you have clean windows, use a sun visor & have high-quality sunglasses on your face, then still adjust the speed. Because not everyone has taken the same precautions. Even if you notice in your rearview mirror that the low-hanging sun is right behind you, be careful.  Because it will then be directly in front of the oncoming vehicle.

Choose another route to avoid the low-hanging sun

If you have this option, it is also not bad to adjust the route. Often the problem is already solved if the sun does not shine directly into your eyes. In other words, if possible, you can take a different route where the sun isn’t directly in front of you.

Remember that the low sun can create a dangerous situation on the road, so take extra care and stay alert while driving.