What to do if the car breaks down?

A flat tire, a flat battery or engine problems? Problems like this are a nightmare for any car driver. Yet there are enough people who have to deal with car trouble every day. That’s why you should be well prepared should it ever happen to you. We have listed a few tips here about what you have to if your car breaks down.


If you notice that something is wrong with your car or if a warning light starts to flash on your dashboard, it is better to put your car aside. Don’t try to risk things when you think your car breaks down. For safety, you obviously park the car on the right side of the road. Driving on the highway? Then use the hard shoulder on the far right.

Turn your wheels to the right, so that they are certainly not pointing towards the road. Turn off your engine and of course set your handbrake. For everything to go safely, it is recommended to exit the vehicle on the right side. This ensures that you do not have to get out on the side of traffic and thus avoiding dangerous situations. So make sure that all the occupants leave the car, stay seated is really not a good idea. It is also important, if there are any, to stand behind the crash barriers.


In the event of a car breakdown, the driver has some obligations. For example, it is mandatory to wear a fluorescent jacket. To make yourself and your car clearly visible, you have to place your warning triangle. It is best to do this about 100 meters behind the car, so that the oncoming traffic is warned in time. Turning on the four indicators also helps warn and make your vehicle visible.

You can try to find out for yourself what the problem is. But in most cases you cannot fix the car yourself. Then get behind the crash barriers and try to reach a roadside assistance service. They are usually on the spot quickly and you can be sure of professional help.