Tyre pressure

Did you know that with correct tyre pressure, you have much better fuel consumption and can easily save some money in a year?

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Check your tyre pressure regularly or have it checked

The right tyre pressure depends on how loaded your car is. The more loaded you are the higher the pressure of your tyres should be. You can often find the diagram of the correct tyre pressure for your car on the flap behind which your fuel filler cap is hidden, or in the door pillar of the driver’s side door. Otherwise, you can find it in the car’s manual. Still not sure? Then have it checked by your garage owner or tyre dealer.

Drive more economically

By driving around with the correct pressure , you will drive much more economically. The tyres then have less contact surface with the road, reducing friction and fuel consumption. The manufacturers of most cars/tires advise you to check your pressure once a month anyway. Not only can you save on fuel, it is also better for the environment as you will consume less fuel. If you check it regularly and get it right, you can save up to 2 refills in a year. You can by the way easily inflate your tyres at one of our stations!