Top holiday destinations by car

Especially after the Covid period, if we can speak of it at all, car holidays have become more popular. They were already hugely popular with Belgians in the past, but their popularity has increased even more. We take a quick look at some of the most popular car holiday destinations for you.

Met MAES Op reis

After a hugely long period obeying Covid’s whims, many people are looking forward to a few weeks away. Faraway flying holidays still remain a (small) risk this year too so we look closer to Europe. Travelling by plane in Europe, meanwhile, is allowed but most Belgians still opt for a car holiday. By car, you can easily travel to wherever you want and you have the added advantage of being able to pack quickly if the Covid figures do start to rise in your region. If you want to go on holiday safely, be sure to check all the Covid rules for Belgium, transit countries and the country of destination! That way you will never run into any unexpected issues!

Most popular travel destinations

The usual suspects are of course the neighbouring countries: The Netherlands, France, Germany with then some warmer southern countries like Italy and Spain. Austria, Croatia and Slovenia are also making inroads. All places you can easily reach in one trip or with only one small stopover. By the way, did you know that with the MAES fuel card you can fill up one last time in the Netherlands or Luxembourg?

Recommended holiday destinations by car

Here too we encounter the old familiar regions, but with good reason! You can already easily reach some nice regions with your car such as: Provence & Côte d’Azur in France; Piedmont, Lombardy & Tuscany in Italy; the Eifel region in Germany; Istria in Croatia/Slovenia and northern Spain. These regions are hugely popular with Belgians

What about the electric car?

The electric car is starting to appear more and more on the streetscape and its range is now a bit more than 10 years ago. Many people therefore naturally want to travel in this car, but wonder whether it is feasible. We checked everything out for you and the answer is that it is feasible, but requires a bit more preparation. Here we go into it in more detail.

But don’t forget car holidays in your own country, either!

The weather may be a bit disappointing this summer, but don’t forget our own little country, Belgium. With our coast, we have sea and beach. And if the sun wants to cooperate, it is surely one of the most beautiful holiday destinations by car! But also with the Ardennes we have a nice asset as a travel destination. Add to this the metjesland, heuvelland and Maasland and you have plenty of beautiful and quiet destinations within a few hours’ drive!