Tips for a worry-free ride with or without air conditioning

Especially in summer, an optimally functioning air conditioner is a must. MAES is happy to give you some tips to keep the sultry temperature out of your car. Don’t have air conditioning in your car? Then we would also be happy to give you some tips to overcome the hot summers.

With our without air conditioning

Hit the road with air conditioner

The most important tip for benefiting from your air conditioning carefree in summer is to do everything step by step. Start your car first and only after a few minutes turn on your air conditioning. That way, your car will be better started, which will make your cooler work better.
This rule also applies when switching off. Turn off your A/C first and only then turn off your car.

On the road without air conditioning

Of course, not everyone has (good) air conditioning in their car. We also have some tips for those going out on the road without air conditioning.

  • Open not one, but two windows: simply opening the window on the driver’s side does not work optimally. The best thing you can do is open a second window. Best to work diagonally for this. For the driver, this is the window on the right at the back so you get a good air flow and the fresh air in your face.
  • Plan your drive well: especially if you are travelling in summer without air conditioning, it might be wise to drive at night or in the morning, when the bright sun is not yet out.
  • Bring enough water: drink enough and, if necessary, bring a cooler or freeze bottles of water so you can still drink enough.
  • Open your windows slightly when parking: it may be 30 degrees outside, but this is still a lot cooler than the temperature inside your car when it is in full sun. To do this, make sure you are in a safe area so you don’t get any unpleasant surprises.
  • You can work with sun protection film or awnings to keep the sun out.
  • Black or dark upholstery and a dark dashboard? Lay some light towels over the upholstery and these will already absorb less heat!