Drive safe, put your phone away

Smartphones can no longer be ignored in our daily lives. Many people can’t live without it, even while driving. And let this be extremely dangerous. According to research, you spend an average of 5 seconds reading a text message behind the wheel. If you drive at a speed of 100 km/h, you cover 140 meters in that distance, that means you don’t have your eyes on the road for a distance of one and a half football fields. A pretty considerable distance to drive “blind”.

Rij veilig, leg je smartphone weg

Smartphones, one of the biggest causes of traffic accidents

As a driver you have the responsibility to be fully focused on the road and the environment. The smartphone can be a hugely dangerous distraction here. Even the distraction of a notification can be enough to lose your attention for a moment, so that you cannot see a possible danger in time. Reading messages is definitely out of the question. So remember to drive safe and to put your phone away in the car!

On average, you spend about 5 seconds reading your message. As mentioned above, you lose 140 meters at 100 km/h. At 70 km/h you are loose attention for 100 m. At 50 km/h this is just under 70 meters and even if you only drive 30 per hour, you are 42 meters further thanks to those 5 seconds. 42 meters where your eyes are not on the road.

That is a considerable distance in which a lot can happen, such as a sudden change in traffic, an obstacle in the road or another vehicle changing lanes. It is therefore essential to stay fully focused on the road and not be distracted by a smartphone or other distractions while driving.

Safest solution? Turn off your cell phone or put it on airplane or driving mode.

That message from your sweetheart or that notification from Insta can really wait a while. If you really want to be safe on the track, put your smartphone away where you cannot see it light up or switch it off or on airplane or driving mode. Do you still need the mobile phone, for example for navigation? Then it is best to place it in a holder. The fines have only recently been increased, so you can no longer use the smartphone to call or navigate while it is on your lap or on the seat next to you. Only in a holder intended for this purpose.

Our onclusion? drive safe, put your phone away!